Too many botters. Kills pvp.

Didnt know how to report players with evidence so i hope im allowed to post it on this forum with screen shot and names because there was a whole lot of botters with 0 or nearly 0 dmg and healing

Dont know if there is a way to upload an image so i just used imageshack.
What does pic prove? If you had a video of a bot just running into a wall sure. But no kbs in a bg sota game where your told kbs don't matter you need to cc and dispell?
I'm pretty sure there's a rule against calling people out by name. I think you can now "Report for cheating" similar to the "Report AFK" feature. I would suggest you do that (please do!), and maybe open a private support ticket with a link to the screenshot.
The number of botters in non-capped brackets is absolutely out of control. You can bet that at least 1/4 to 1/3 of your team is bots in 85-89. I just came out of a WSG where literally half of my team was bots. We didn't have enough human players to report all the botters since the bots won't report themselves. It's absolutely ridiculous.
I agree, which is why I never pay for anything longer then one month at a time with Blizzard. I come back usually two months at a time. Get sick of it, cancel my sub for about a year and check out the next xpac. Saying it on the forums is only good to tell others to speak with speak with their wallets.
10/06/2012 09:53 PMPosted by Piñata
You can bet that at least 1/4 to 1/3 of your team is bots in 85-89

It's closer to half, or even more, if the same numbers have continued. If you are familiar with botting, you can recognize the patterns. The stupid follow-bots with simplistic logic are yester-year, run by your human compatriots that will take back control of their toon. Iow, simple honor farm bots.

The real bots, however, are much more complex, and exhibit outside communication. The new bots are linked via their own external communication channels. What one bot sees, all see. They are equipped with a type of fuzzy logic, and operate independently of having to follow you. They actually try to win, and often do so more effectively than the humans playing their toons.

For those of you that whine about bots, perhaps you should discriminate. Pro bots with human overseers are better than you are. Your little pals running their own hp farm bots are a disgraceful holdover of yesteryear programming that don't deserve to even be there. Feel free to kick them. It won't matter.

i understand your facination with programing but its called player vs player not player vs computer, we call that raiding

agree Piñata.

Blizz should be change to pay experience/honor for their value of work.
"just sitting start point" or "just following bot" should not receive the experience at least.
i agree. even if i report them for cheating it aint gonna stop. been there done that.
Ive reported 2 ppl from the same guild on Illidan, another from moonguard, and a 4th one from a realm i forgot the name of during the time silvershard mines was bugged out. All during my same single BG there. We were getting farmed by darkspear alliance cuz of the idiots freeleeching HKs just sitting there. When we finally booted the 2 afkers from Illidan and got actual players and returned the farming on the darkspear alliance for a good hour or two. when a few ppl left and we got two more botters replacing them. I immediately told ppl to report *insert name here* afk and they immediately got booted. Which I in turn wrote their names down in the afk botting ticket I turned in.

But blizz seriously needs to fix the report afk feature or have some sort of GM to insta-ban AFKers in BGs.
Sad thing is wow does nothing about these guys botting had a pally do it yesterday reported him.The next day was in an AV on my 86 sham and 8 people where bots kicked them then another 3 people who came in where bots including the pally who should of been punished but guess what he was a level higher congrats blizz you are back at Vannilla days of botting/hacking your game.

Blizzard please fix the issue if people get reported and kicked out of games more than once a day it should be obvious they are bots and exploiting the game..
battlegrounds in mop is a completly joke
wacth this
EVERY isle of conquest is like that, at least 20 bots playing, just like that
plz blizzard tell one of your employers to join a isle of conquest bg and ban these botters.
of course we have bots in all other bgs, but in ioc is pretty evident they are botting
So are any blues posting any responses to this? The botting has gone out of control. When 7 out of 10 players in WSG are bots, you know its an issue that needs to be addressed. I've played the game for 8 years without ever suspending my account once, and have never seen it this bad. It's ruining the game.
Just write a ticket to report the botters.

I wrote ONE ticket for ONE botter earlier today and it only has 3 more days until it gets answered. LOL this system is so streamlined and efficient.
10/09/2012 05:54 AMPosted by Muhtotems
Im pretty sure blizzard knows about this. But at the moment they are fixing alot of bugs that may make the game unplayable for people. Give it a little bit of time and watch a massive ban wave go out. All the data is being recorded trust me they know.

It's always blizzard is too busy working on the launch of a new expansion or fixing the expansion they just launched.

This botting problem has been around for years, the player base did as asked and reported the bots and then watched as they continue to bot 23 hours a day for another month. All blizzard does is make a blue post every year or so stating that they take the issue seriously and plan on stepping up their bot detection. Rinse and repeat once a year as needed.
I am seeing 3+ bots almost every game and it's getting out of control again. I will say though the people who don't report them or read chat are more useless then the bots.
10/09/2012 07:37 AMPosted by Valenxz
I am seeing 3+ bots almost every game and it's getting out of control again. I will say though the people who don't report them or read chat are more useless then the bots.

Completely agree. If everyone in the bg will just report the bots afk then they will be kicked. Every time I enter a bg i say in chat "Please report the AFKs so we can get some real people in here" and not once has a bot or afk been kicked. Its getting ridiculous.

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