Replica armor/weapons still locked?

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I thought that since achievements and feats of strength were now account-wide, I'd be able to finally get my Grand Marshal's Claymore replica, but even though i now see the "Knight-Captain" FoS on my pally, I still dont have access to the replica weapons.

My druid would have, but seeing I am in beast form 95% of the time, it's not worth it..

Do I have no choice but to race/class change the character with the FoS to pally, then race/class change my pally to druid to be able to get it?

Are there any plans to make the feat of strength really be account-based?
Are there any blue posts on the matter?
I would like to know whats up with this as well. I have the FoS, and some of the gear, but I had no idea there was a time limit on when I could access this stuff. Any other info would be helpful.
Yeah i would like to know why the weapon vendor was removed an will it return my xmog is just not complete without it

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