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The mmain pet may do 50k but the stampede pets only do 25% damage. And a large part of players having issues with bm is you can no longer just lock down the pet and sit on us to negat most of our damage. I barely set foot in arena for this very reason. The ffew times I did every class used the same method. This included healers. Sit on the hunter focus him down. In ten seconds or less go after the rest of the group while the bm hunter is rendered to spectator status. I would try to get on a twos team just to start learning how to pvp in arena setting and every time I would be told to respec mm that also is not the way it should be.!

Hilarious stuff
We were given readiness because when any hunter was asked why to spec mmm for pvp almost 100% of the answers were silencing shot and readiness.
LOL want some cheese with that whine?
10/07/2012 10:28 AMPosted by Makgora
I still don't understand why they gave BM readiness.

/sigh. I do miss MM. IMO that required more skill than BM.
/mourn over the loss of MM. Last time I checked MM was nerfed. Not sure if it's still the same. Pretty sure it is.
10/07/2012 10:32 AMPosted by Snottz
LOL want some cheese with that whine?

Terrible at pvp: check
Terrible at pve: check
Insulting others while they discussing a serious pvp balance issue: check!

Hilarious stuff

Thats what happens when you're a bad healer, run out into the open like a noob and get silenced back to back against a burst team...

This video shows nothing bad a bad panda... he deserved that.
I definitely believe they need some sort of damage nerf around their burst. If you can survive their burst (rarely ever) it's not too bad.

And all you people saying that they've sucked before now, they have always been an EXTREMELY strong class in arena, they're just the hardest to play.

I mean come on.. I've seen a few streams where glads are getting beaten by 1600 hunter comps.. If that doesn't mean something needs to happen then i don't know what does.
I love watching pyper cry

No, not nerfed to MM and Surv. Imo, they need to be buffed and Bm needs a nerf. The RANK 1 TEAM right now is triple BM hunter. The highest ranked team in the world, at 3000 cr, is triple BM hunter. How is that viable? How is class stacking quite literally the BEST POSSIBLE COMP in the game? That sort of tells you something...
10/07/2012 10:11 AMPosted by Beautifly
I'd rather fight a hunter who did more damage then his actual pet.

Just putting it our there for the people that missed it.
There is nothing fun about playing a OP spec. It takes away that competitive feeling you get when you pull off some amazing feat in the arena. MM was so much fun in Cata. IMO one of those specs that required skills to be good at. BM is so boring, especially now that all Hunters have Readiness and maybe Silencing Shot. Those were game changers as an MM. I just might consider playing another class. =/

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