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I just reactivated my account (forgot all about SoR) and wow has this game changed since I played a year and a half ago. I've sorta caught the changes as they happened... at least in regards to talent points going from every lvl to every other lvl to now just 4 total? lol whatever.... point is things have changed and I don't feel comfortable trying to jump back into a lvl 60 druid atm. I think I may end up wanting to play a caster... and I have been making alts left and right to figure out what I want. Can anyone suggest a DPS that is something between a cakewalk and super intense? Basically I would like to know what is out there that does require some attention but is not super stressful? I will try just about anything, including a warrior if people accept them as DPS in groups. Thanks for the input.
Every class/spec combo is perfectly viable at their designated role. There's no such thing as class pigeonholing anymore, nor is there a hybrid-tax.

Gone are the days when druids can't do anything but heal, or only Prot warriors can tank, etc. It hasn't been that way for a REALLY long time. If you want to DPS as a warrior, go for it as long as you pick arms or fury as your spec (since Prot is tanking).

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.. at least in regards to talent points going from every lvl to every other lvl to now just 4 total? lol whatever

It's 6 total actually, and the talent tree is the same for all 3 specs of a class. All the must-have talents from the old trees (the ones that if you didn't take them you were gimping yourself), yeah they've all been baked straight into the specs now. What was left are the talents that are highly situational or boil down to playstyle. Since those are the only ones people actually had a real choice for anyway, they're still there as a choice.
thanks for the info. so what about things like spell/ability rotations? i can figure out CDs well enough but for some reason rotations just never clicked with me.
thanks for the info. so what about things like spell/ability rotations

All the classes/specs now (for the most part) use more of a "priority" system rather than a rotation. They all have a couple of spells that start nearly every fight, but after that it's pretty much like this:

If it's available, hit X otherwise use Y.
If both are on cooldown use Z.
If you're running low on resources use G.
and if you find yourself in trouble use A to escape or heal (depending on class/spec).
there's usually a few more "if _____ then use _____" things, but you get the idea.

(the letters I chose are purely random selections, like letter substitutions in math class, not keybind suggestions)
okay that's good... thanks a ton Avanna :) now for the difficult task of picking just one toon to focus on lol
10/07/2012 08:46 AMPosted by Tuskaknee
now for the difficult task of picking just one toon to focus on lol

Well you don't HAVE to pick one, and even if you settle on a main, you can bounce to an alt or two when you need a change of pace.

If you do want to devote all your time into one character, go to the "can't choose a class/race" sticky thread. Copy the appropriate set of questions there into this thread (or make a new one) with your answers. Be as detailed as possible and be sure to state whether you are looking for help picking between current characters you have or if you're willing to level up something you haven't tried before.
What have you played before?
Everything minus monk

How far did you level it?
hunter 28, warlock 20, mage 18, DK 63, shaman 43, druid 60, rogue 4, pally 22, warrior 12.

Describe what you liked and disliked about those classes. Be detailed!

Hunter was fun for a while, but got to be boring cuz it's so easy... I felt bad for the mobs.

Warlock was okay... I'm not the biggest fan of dots but I like the pets.

Mage was not too bad... good damage but I tend to feel pigeon-holed into whatever spec is top damage at the time.

DK i just had to have cuz I love dark warriors and whatnot, and i love life drains. The problem for me is that I don't support playing a tank class if I'm not gonna tank. People are harsh, I've seen it. I am very tank shy.

Shaman I love the enhancement spec... a dual-wielding healer is bad@$$. But I found healing as a shaman to be slow and unfulfilling.

Druid is my favorite I think. I love shifting between roles... having a tanking tree but not being relied on to tank. Heals are nice, im use to healing over time from eq2. boomkin form is okay, takes getting use to but manageable, feral is fun and i used it for questing quite a bit. The downfall was dungeons... i just could not get in as dps... always had to heal and i cant do that for long periods of time.. i get bored lol.

Never really played a rogue long enough but I figured I got that with feral druid.

Pally was a fun one to start off with... but that was before they changed the way seals and stuff worked... so I'm sorta relearning that. I did like the lvl 20 ability.... can't recall the name, but did aoe threat.. thats always fun. good survivability. But again... I'm tank-shy.

Warrior - same deal.. good damage, but little healing for soloing and as always... tank-shy.

With a friend or alone? What's your friend going to be leveling?

Last time I played I had a friend that played a pally with my druid.. that was a good time cuz we always got groups in under 2 minutes. Now though it would appear I am going to be alone.

Are you leveling via PvE or PvP? Chain-running dungeons?
PvE only... I tried a pvp server... got tired of lvl 80s camping me over and over. I would love to run dungeons most of the time.

Will you be doing primarily raids/dungeons at level cap (PvE) or knocking the opposing faction in the balls over a flag (PvP)?

If i make it to cap, i would like to try raiding, but most likely will be doing 5-mans.

Will you be multiboxing or just playing a single character?


Race preference? Either for looks or the actual racials (or lore!).

No short races... I'm having issues with my goblins as it is lol.

Heals/tank/DPS? What's your style for DPS - melee or ranged?
In order of pref: Ranged dps, heals, melee dps, tank

Any favorite game mechanics? (DoTs, HoTs, stealth, mana, etc)
Would prefer to not do damage over time unless i can be shown that it is is indeed effective. Mostly prefer to do fast damage when I dps. I can handle most any healing.. as long as it doesnt take an hour to cast a heal :P

Hybrid or pure? Does it matter?
doesnt matter

Pet or temporary pet or none at all? Does it matter?
doesnt matter

Throw in any extra details here:
I get bored very easily, thus it is hard to focus on one toon. the best i did was with my druid but that was mostly cuz i had a dedicated friend that grouped with me almost daily. I could try starting him up again but i have a lot to learn about the changes to him and the game in general.

I hope that works cuz as i typed it i realised the answer is either obvious, or there is no help for me :P
I really think you should stick with your druid. Druids don't focus on long casts as healers, they focus on heals over time. And you'll be able to play ranged DPS and heals, heals allowing you faster ques for dungeons which you seem to have a preference for while leveling.

Druids kinda fit into your bored easily mentality, at any time you could drop your spec and try one of the four playstyles druid offers.
i think you might be right... i tend to get caught up in reading posts around here and a lot of what i read is negative... then i remind myself that most of what people talk about refers to pvp. i will attempt to stick with the druid and relearn him... might even try boomkin instead of feral.

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