Mana issues? Trust lifebloom more!

Basically don't keep a tank at full, try to time lifebloom to fall off when tanks hit around 50% health, it will likely top them off. I've seen some 250,000+ heals with it(glyph it) - it's awesome. Tanks may get worried but it's so mana saving.
When I get a clearcasting proc, I wait for lifebloom to fully tick to like 2 seconds then use Regrowth then Swiftmend if I have to top them off. So the total net mana cost is only one Swiftmend AND I throw up two fresh HoTs (Regrowth and the refreshed Lifebloom).
I dont PvE much, but when I do, I always heal. (lol I must be the most interesting Druid in the world)

This seems incredibly risky. More so in raids than anything. Then again, Im not familiar with spike damage this xpac. And I know tank mechanics have changed a bit. Kudos for finding a way to save mana!
Whenever the healer lets me drop below 50% during normal damage, I will spend my rage on FR instead of SD, which potentially opens me up to more damage, but extends my time to live. I'll also pop a cooldown if I have one up.
It's a great idea in general but we can't always predict or have the LB's timer lineup in such cases and certainly not in a constant heavy damage phase where you'd spend 3 GCDs putting it back up! Personally I wouldn't rely on it. Of course there are rare times where it can save your tank's life but don't wait around for it otherwise you might have a pissed off raid wondering what the hell you were thinking.
I keep it up, never letting it expire in combat. We have other ways to top them off if it becomes needed and I much prefer its constant healing to stabilize their health through non spike damage.
I have Lifebloom glyphed, and it usually does the trick. If the tank needs a bit more healing, then couple LB with Rejuv. That leaves me with plenty of mana to deal with any spike damage or AoE damage.
If you've got the Lifebloom glyph it hits really hard when it expires, especially if it crits. I love watching the health bar go from half to full. But great point, I do try to time the expiration and it's pretty fun when you pull it off perfectly :p

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