[H-RP-PVP] Temple of Chi

Moon Guard
High Elder Zensha, Founder of the Temple of Chi created the Temple out of my perspectives and values. The goal to fight for the Horde against the Alliance. To release peoples Inner Chi to make them stronger. Our ways of combat are honorable, As our Chi is a honorable source, and we must use it honorably. Guerilla Warfare is not used, Only in life threatening measures. We confront our enemies, before spilling there blood. Release your Inner Chi today, Enlist in the Temple of Chi
Class Req:Monk, Or any Pandaren.
Race Req:Pandaren, or Monk of any Race.
Level Req:10+
Guild Leve:1 (Literally new Guild)
Contact Zensha to join, or post on the thread.

-Under Construction-
High Elder Zensha speaking, "Join the Temple of Chi, and become a Soldier of the Chi today. For the Horde!"

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