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469ilvl Blood DK on Gnomeregan looking for a progressive 10m raiding guild spot. Been playing the game since the beginning. Have a fair amount of experience as a tank through most of the content. Been playing the Dk since the first day of WotLK. Would be willing to DPS off spec if need be. But currently my tank gear is far more established. I can raid any day at any time. Many of my guildies have changed servers or just moved to different toons. I dont like to fall behind so I'm doing what i can to stay on top my the gear while not being able to raid. Feel free to contact me in game for any information you might need. Thank you.
Simple Math of Andorhal needs a death knight for a full-time 25-man raiding position. We raid Sunday-Thursday 7:00pm-12:00am EST. Here are some of our notable accomplishments:

* Mogu'shan Vaults - 7/8 normal modes.

* Dragon Soul - 8/8 heroic modes + Drakes.
* Firelands - 7/7 heroic modes + Drakes.
* Tier 11 - 13/13 heroic modes + Drakes.

* Pre-nerf Illidan Stormrage & Kil'Jaeden.
* Ulduar 10 & 25: All heroic modes including Yogg+0, Algalon, and Glory of the Raider.
* ToGC 10 & 25: Tribute to Insanity, Dedicated Insanity, and Immortality.
* ICC 10 & 25: 12/12 heroic modes + Drakes.
* Ruby Sanctum 10 & 25 heroic mode.

You can apply on our forums or by sending an officer your application in a private message. You can also reach me through real id via my battle tag at nik#1607. Hope to hear from you soon!


Everything you need to know is in the above thread, but long story short we're a brand new guild on Executus, looking for another tank. Going to realm top casual guild on a 6 hour/week schedule. Message me via email, battletag, or RealID if interested
<Artifact> on Magtheridon is in need a tank and would love a DK tank. I'll try contact you in game when I get a chance so we can talk further.
<Just Crusade> is interested in you!

We are a 10 man guild on Elune (PvE)- that has been around for 7+ years.
We raid 4 nights a week Mon-Thus 7:30-11 pm EST.
You would have a core raid spot and would not be a backup raider.

13/13H - Realm First! Nefarian, Al'akir, and Sinestra
7/7H - Realm First! Ragnaros
8/8H - Realm First! Deathwing

Notable past progression (pre cata):
M’uru & Kil'jaedan: Pre- 3.0
A Tribute to Insanity (25)- US 67
Yogg 0-lights (25) – US 74
H LK (25)- US 81

We would consider paying for your x-fer if you prove to be an asset to our 10m.

You can reach me in game on Trillian (Trillian#1452), or send me an ingame mail to talk about applying. For more info check out:
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6308610844 OR

Facetious is currently in need of a tank (pref DPS OS) for progression into MoP. We are looking for raiders with experience in the class/role they are looking to fill. Raid nights are Tuesday-Thursday 9pm-12 Central.

Perhaps you would be interested in a Trial with <Facetious>? Here's a little background;

This guild was formed near the end of DS so as a guild we don't have much in the way of Raid achievements. However, our raid leadership and core players come from a long line of serious progression raiding including multiple server first kills and experience since Vanilla/BC with most. (Pre nerf Firelord, Sinestra, Heroic Ali'kir, as well as a clear of DS on day of release and 6/8HM progression pre nerf)

The guild I personally raided with in Firelands/DS fell apart when we lost a healer (on the day of 5% nerf) and could not find a suitable replacement where we were. Since then I have taken the initiative to start up a guild and form a 10 man raid with the intent of being considered a Semi-hardcore raiding guild.

I fear since we are a week behind (we haven't raided mogu'shan vaults this week) and since we are now on an extremely popular realm we don't have any server firsts in our near future, though we do expect to have a serious presence in the raiding scene.

We are currently searching for a tank with experience in raiding, we are looking for our tanks to share the burden of having to DPS OS.

If you are interested at all we would love to give you a trial including a small ventrilo interview and possibly a challenge mode or Heroic run or two. Please add Raeza#1208 to get in contact with me.


Know you posted you were alliance but if you are interested in joining the dark side, we have cookies... and milk... lots of milk...
Looking for a new tank because current has attendance issues and isn't too good.

Challenge Accepted is a hardcore and realm first seeking team, formed by the old HC raiding team from TheBrethren (tier 11). Throughout Cataclysm, we have built our roster and our cohesion to excel at raiding and reach for higher US rankings. We are now ready to hit MoP and compete with the best. Our long journey of weeding out and building is over, we are now a war machine ready for tier 14 and beyond.
We treat every one of our members with respect and encourage anyone who wants to be part of a fresh and active guild to make this guild their home.
All casuals, friends, GDKPers and raiding enthusiast are welcomed.

We are currently accepting all casuals and friends. No app is required if you have a referal from within the guild.
If u have a raid team and wish to be affiliated with our guild ( free repair, mats, vent, pots), PSW an officer and we can discuss a merge.

Our goal is to form a raiding haven with excellent standards on Khadgar.
Hopefuls for the hardcore raiding team should read on.

1/6 Vaults (Only 2 hours of legit raiding first week)

1 Tank (druid/monk/dk/warrior)
1 healer ( druid/monk/pally)
All exceptional applications will also be considered for a core spot.

Raid times
Tues (8-11 est)
Wed (8-11 est)
Sun (8-11 est)

Group 2

We are separate from group 1 and have our own oriented goals which will be one of the top groups on the realm. We are also in the process of establishing ourselves and are quite hardcore in raid progression. If interested go and app at http://challenge-accepted.enjin.com/ and indicate you are applying for group 2. Raid times are yet to be decided but currently we raid 2 days a week if needed. We are just taking it easy till MoP but once MoP hits be prepared to go into a hardcore raiding schedule. After establishing ourselves we expect to be a top US 200 group and pushing group 1 for realm firsts.

If you want to talk to someone in game please whisper:
Illidine (it_is_nick@hotmail.com)
Malthos (xxtony67@yahoo.com)
Essence is a 10M raiding guild on Cho'gall (PvP).

We are progressing quickly through normal modes but we know the real race is just beginning for heroics. We started this tier off competitively and we will be pushing HM's next week to retain our position as #2 guild on the server. Preceded only by Exodus, the #1 guild in the world atm.

Looking for highly skilled players. Our group consists of people who retain rankings throughout tiers and have raided in top50 US guilds. If you're a competitive player who knows you can step up and knock this sh*t outta the park - get in touch. There's an immediate opening and we will do whatever we can to get the right recruit over to our server to begin raiding next week.

- Gear must be optimally gemmed, enchanted and reforged
- Mumble and a working microphone
- Near perfect attendance
- Skill to perform within the top percentiles of your class
- High raid awareness and quick reactions to changing situations
- Fast learner; recognize when mechanics can be used to your advantage
- Ability and willingness to play multiple classes and specs
- Ability to take criticism and the desire to improve those areas
- Ability to recognize, own up to, and not repeat your own mistakes
- Knowledge of your class - inside and out.

Raid time:
(PST) 4pm-8pm
(CST) 6pm-10pm
(EST) 7pm-11pm

Raid Days:
Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursday

Looking For <Priority>:
Hunter <<high>>
Druid (balance) <<high>>
DK (tank) <<high>>
Mage <<high>>
Warlock <<high>>
Druid (restoration) <medium>

Apply at: www.essence.guildzilla.com
RID: Taluka#1398
RID: Samayael#1676
we are in search of a tank for our team. We were ranked 3rd on server through Cata and looking to keep our guild rank in top 3. Raid times are 8-11 Est on Tues/Thurs.

Check out unexpectedguests.com or you can feel free to add RL ID or Email me at brentlee34@gmail.com

Thanks, and good luck in your search.
Hey, I don't know how hardcore a group you are looking for, but if you're not looking for something too serious we might be a perfect fit. And as a total bonus, we're on the same server! I'll whisper you this evening.

I would consider our raid group somewhere in between casual and hardcore. We're a really fun group - drama free.

Our times are Mon/Wed 4:00 - 7:00 PST (7:00 - 10:00 EST). We plan to start raiding Wednesday.

We require:
-vent with a mic that doesn't make me want to put a sharp object in my ear
-a sense of humor
-the ability to take light criticism

What I offer:
I try my best to make our raid group a place where showing up doesn't feel like work. Where people want to come because it's fun and enjoyable. Where the group can joke around, and get bosses down. But where getting bosses down doesn't come at the expense of someones feelings. A place where people don't get yelled at in or out of raids. Where criticism is kind and constructive. I feel a good raid environment is also a place where strategies can be discussed, and ideas are never flat out vetoed.

We are an adult guild, and as such chat is not filtered.

You can also contact me on my realID the_woman_n_black@yahoo.com or you can go to our website, http://www.toolegittocrit.guildportal.com.
Hey! Here is our info, hope to hear from you =)

<Acuity> is an Alliance endgame raiding on the Mannoroth that is aimed at actively progressing through MoP content.We encourage attention and accuracy during raid encounters but strive to create a fun atmosphere for all involved. We expect everyone’s attendance as well as their best performance during raid times.

<Acuity> is looking for members who have a great attitude; who are prepared, reliable, driven toward self-improvement, and able to execute raid strategies. <Acuity> also would like to emphasize that we are a team. The success of the team is greater than that of the individual, and we expect each of our members to understand and respect this.

<Acuity> was 8/8 HM in DS at 15% nerf.

We are currently running a 10m raid with the following raid times:
Core 1: Wednsday/Thursday/Sunday: 8pm-12pm Server-Eastern.

Currently in need of blood dk that knows his/her class and gems/reforges properly, and can make the scheduled raid times.
Speak to Officers: Misplay(misplay@hotmail.ca)- or
GM: Ascendancy at ascendancy#1248(battletag)

Casual/PVP/Leveling members: OPEN INVITES
Recruitment for accomplished, knowledgeable players is always open.
All apps are considered.

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