Farm Plots disappearing

Bug Report
It looks like my farm plots are disappearing when i switch specs while at my farm, logging out and logging back in fixes it.
I experienced the same problem. Leaving the phase the farm is in (by running far enough away from it) and then re-entering the farm also fixes it.
Mine is not fixing for 2 days now it has been like this and when i click on something it says invalid target
if i respec at my farm, my crops disappear. if i then leave the phased area and let it reset, they come back
I have a bug where two plots of soil are permanently occupied by vermin. It appears to have happened when I switched specs while at my farm. I tried switching back and all my crops disappear except the occupied ones. When I leave and come back they rest are back, but the bugged ones are still occupied.
been having same issue, spoke with a gm again, and they have passed the issue to the devs. Not sure when it will be fixed. The best option is to farm on an alt ( I know I know). The main question remains for the in-game GM they don't seem to know what could have caused it. I for a fact, never changed spec within the farm, and they starting bugging when I started the quest chain to learn how to plant, which was 3 weeks ago.

My issues with the farm : I cant plant on till soil because it says invalid and every time I try tilling a soil, the soil itself de-spawns.

I have tried running back and forth, reload ui, reseting all my WTF, Cache, interface folders, nada... Even the in game GMS cant fix it!

Would really like if someone could find another way to fix :(
Still happening.

If it happens, you have to fly to a different part of the zone where the name pops up on the screen. This reloads the phased area. Halfhill Market doesn't count, it has to be another named area besides it.

Hope this helps a few people while they work on a fix.

Edit: Easiest way to go is fly/run directly west until "Verdent Belt" pops up, and go back to your farm.
I've been having the same issue for at least a month now, though in my case flying to Halfhill Market (far enough to change the name to Halfhill Market of course) resets my farm plots just fine.

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