Death and Decay Cooldown

Death Knight
Hello everyone, I've thought for a while about this and it seems the Death and Decay cooldown is a bit high, for only lasting 10 seconds its a 20 second 'lockout' period. yes we do have blood boil/heart strike (if blood) but those both use Blood Runes and its only 2 and on an average of 7-8 sec cd for only one more.

There used to be a talent in WoTLK that reduced the cooldown by 15 with 3 points on it, so only a 5 second 'lockout' time. That needs to be brought back, paladins got there 'un-ending' consecration back, and they have Hammer of the Righteous which is only 3-4 second CD i believe. Death Knights need their DnD CD reduced, even a glyph would be ok. Id drop my Vamp Blood or Outbreak glyph for it.

Anyone else agree?
Between Roiling Blood and Blood Boil being near spammable and theres no real need for a lower cooldown on DnD, because our AoE is impressive in heroics.
What I would love is for Blood Boil to work like Howling Blast, centered around the target instead of the caster.
Blood already has roiling blood, which gives you unreal amounts of damage and threat, Death and Decay is just the rim of blood tanking now. Between Vengeance and your basic abilities (HS, DS, RS, BB), DnD is just additional un-needed aggro. Also tbh I wouldn't like if blizz made blood like paladins as I assume you implied, there needs to be diversity in tanking and reducing the DnD cooldown certainly won't help that.

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