[Quest] Unable to Start Golden Lotus Dailies

Bug Report
Pretty sure i'v done all these quests, I'v done the quest to open up the gates, and the one at the panda city and so on, still nothing.

A lot of the quests in Pandaria are dependent upon completing others. Unfortunately, the minute details aren't available to me so if you are still unable to pick up Into the Vale and otherwise start the Golden Lotus dailies the best thing to do would be to post in the Bug Report forum so our QA department can check it out.

As always, if I find out more information I will be sure to pass it along.

I have completed the quest to open the gate and enter the Valley, but there is not a quest at the Pagoda... I have opened a ticket (4 days ago now) and have not had a response. The lack of communication has been very frustrating!
Still nothing?? Awesome
Don't feel bad, I waited 4 days for some help then while at work get an email response saying that they fixed the issue in the title response. The body said to go to this wowhead help guide on how to start the dailies!!!!!!!!!!! I can't start them!!!!!!!! I can't even see them. Then it says to also check the forums. I have read so many forum posts I am sick!
You need Pandaran Flying Skill

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