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Login servers got ooked in the dooker.
10/07/2012 11:02 AMPosted by Kelvallin
Me and my paid to play this game not to sit and wait for wow to decide when we can or cant play. If it was a free playing game i would understand. But its not. We pay to play. Not pay to wait
Don't you dare make me go outside on such a beautiful day
All I can think of on the title screen is the 2 giant mogu holding up their palms in the background...


genius!! xD i loled
Connecting... o well they are doing something. Ill just come back later on, and not hate post on the company that provides the game I play so much that I'd hate post because I cannot play, And watch some good old fashion Television! and maybe take a nap... ZzzzZzzZz
I agree with Atii ! pandas ruin everything
I can't get past the connecting screen either, unless it tells me I got disconnected. >->

Oh well, time to play Pony Adventure Quest.
*Important Blizzard News Flash*

"I'm sitting here with Reporter Trish Takanawa, what seems to be the problem Trish?"

"Well, Notavailable, it seems one of the monk-. I mean blizzard employees has tripped over the log in cord, and they cannot find another plug in. I'd advise anyone to lock their doors and windows so they're not tempted to go outside in this time of major catastrophe. Back to you, Notavailable"

"Thanks Trish. You heard it folks. Reporting live from, Basement news at 9. This is Notavailable, thank you for tuning in."
We are aware of the issues with the login servers that some players are experiencing. We're currently investigating a resolution and will keep you informed.
browns leading giants 17-10
While I know a blue name will never read this:

As an IT person, I know that multiple server restarts can be a pain and take a while, even if you are going by your checklist. A perfectly healthy RAID array can drop dead on restart for no reason. Firmware on some part of the login server was flashed and then it puked. Some minor code change affects connectivity. I get it, this happens. Add to this the various levels of complaint from end users (facepalm) ranging from the merely irritated ("I can not log in") to the grammatically impaired rage of rump-hurt ("J00 all sux i cant get into WoW blizz hates u!").

So, Blizz team, how about a morsel like "We are encountering unforseen bottlenecks on reconnection attempts" or "We patched the login server and it is bogging down" - some such. Keep your customers in the loop, ok?

Ill go with that!

I'm on Skype with a friend that's logged in and playing. Yet my other friend and I are having the "connecting" issue on the same realm. Not sure what's going on, login server down?
Like everyone else, stuck at Connecting... Sunday is bad timing
10/07/2012 10:19 AMPosted by Fulmoonfever
Blizz after this mornings server restart I cannot log in the game anymore something is up:P

Must be they're shutting the servers down no more wow./sarcasm
Stuck at connecting as well...
I can't wait until I try and go buy something at amazon.com, and find they had to reboot their servers in the middle of the weekend and something went wrong. Now nobody can log in.

Oh, wait, nevermind. That never happens.
What do rogues and noobs have in common? They both pick locks.
lol you all got ooked in da dooker!!!!!!!!

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