Login Issues- 10/7/2012

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101 pages and we still can't play... just proving we have nothing better to do.
101 pages!!!
Ugh ... come on Blizz Team .. get that Authenticator working!!!
>_< i just wanna hit lvl 90
this is rough what else am i supposed to do on a sunday if i dont watch foot ball :s
Ah yes the obligatory lets add an hour of downtime every hour from Blizz.
That's funny, I had to use my authenticator to log in here.........
Okay its been an hour. Where be the update?!
Blizz what you doing? What. What. What are you doing?
75 Human Warlock

They need to hire em to keep this from happening again...
10/07/2012 12:14 PMPosted by Karnivorous
Hot pockets!

Yum yum
I've updated the post, but please note that some players are able to log in while others are not. We are continuing to look into a resolution for this and will provide another update as soon as we can.
guess it's gonna be awhile.....another hour before they say something :(
This is just a tad ridiculous. I just bought MOP yesterday with the intention of avoiding big issues by waiting a week and not playing during the inital RUSH. Well, that theory really paid off *COUGH*...
ok its been an hour where is our update?
My comp is about to take an arrow to the screen, jk. thanks for the update though.
10/07/2012 12:16 PMPosted by Silverfletch
101 pages and we still can't play... just proving we have nothing better to do.

Blizzard knows this. They're testing how long we will wait this time. Purity Control.
Nooooooo... I just got my husband to look after my son so I could play!

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