Login Issues- 10/7/2012

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and people stopped posting..... lets get to 200!!
wow over 100 pages and still no resolution wtf blizzard. Guess i'll go play NCAA football 09 till this gets resolved
Are you kidding me? All this time I could be earning honor for more gear you guy's are playing around in the office not giving us answers?
Someone asked if people without authenticators can play.

worst update 2012
Need WoW, Need WoW cant live without WoW
Since i only have a limited time to play wow due to work it really sucks to have most of the day shot to hell because of a server restart. Why blizzard picked the middle of the day on a long weekend to do this is beyond me. Keep up the good work blizz and i will be switching to guild wars 2 where at least i don't have to pay a monthly subscription fee.
If this interruption of my recreation goes on for much longer I'll be forced to face the reality of my actual life and that's just not something I'm prepared to handle on a Sunday. :(
no wow till tues afternoon
Oh well, I have two episodes of Doctor Who to catch up on *sigh*

OMG. No WoW for you.


what is the rate the pages are coming up, lets see, 100+ pages after an hour, that is about 1 page every 36 seconds.
total agreement
whoa were still going
Can we get the authentication server(s) that are working so we can hard-code it to the registry?
Haha this is unfortunate
Keep up the good work
yay lets get to 200 pages
Dance for batman

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