Login Issues- 10/7/2012

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I hope someone posts the video of the police kicking down these hackers doors, confiscating their computers, while they are whining in handcuffs watching their moms cry.
IMO this is simply caused by the number of ppl trying to login and Blizz simply has now solution to it except to make us all wait. Thanks for doing all the restarts at the same time, Blizz.
I am so sad I am hidding my face! See my picture to the left here!
Did I get 101? Sweet! Yeah 3 day weekend they decide to do this? Hmmm....
anyone got anymore updates
go for 200 pages?
Whomever had the bright idea to do the restarts right in the middle of the day on a weekend should probably not be allowed to make any more decisions. At least if this had happened at the normal time, in the wee hours of the morning, it could be fixed by now.
My dailies are waiting.
I guess it's time to go admire the people of Walmart.
Wow just wow.

Yeah it sucks the servers are down but the amount of whining in this thread is just ridiculous.

Seriously, I have seen five-year olds and spoiled teenagers complain less and act less entitled.

I think Blizzard is being precautionary after the hacking attacks yesterday.
At least I know it isn't just me. Ooked by the dookers. :-\
doesn't seem to affect the log in servers for battle.net accounts, so it's just game that's affected......wonder why
I got 99 problems and Blizzard is 1
If this continues past the end of the Steelers game I'm going to be pissed.
this is what i deal with and i pay you to play nothing better than waiting while you pull someones !@# out of bed to fix this issue and i sit here and wait after dealing with server restarts all damn day and u pick a weekend to so
A few hackers were able to obtain gm spells on live servers able of 1 shotting mobs and players. Don't believe me? Cool.


sh it we can post again

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