Login Issues- 10/7/2012

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Wow, what a joke blizzard. Where is our refunds for all this lost play time!
Well blizzard has wasted enough of my limited and valuable play time, i pay to play, not to sit and wait to play while the little time i have ticks away... im gonna use this time constructively and zip out to buy a copy of Guild Wars 2.
IM resettting every few seconds and thier is a new page every 30 secs this is epic lol
@Blizz, your latest pathetic "update" is a lie. My wife was able to log in soon after the rolling/not-rolling outage took place and she is still running around having a great time while I did not take that opportunity to log on. I tried to get back in ever since and have seen nothing but FAIL from you. Do NOT attempt to tell us that "some people can log in". BS, some people ARE logged on but they were logged on since your stupid mid-day maintenance.
10/07/2012 12:21 PMPosted by Neltron
Whomever had the bright idea to do the restarts right in the middle of the day on a weekend should probably not be allowed to make any more decisions. At least if this had happened at the normal time, in the wee hours of the morning, it could be fixed by now.

It wasn't in the middle of the day over here in Blizzardville.

It was 10 am. You know, right when church services start. :P
Subscription Canceled - Poor service on a weekend!
10/07/2012 12:37 PMPosted by Rampuei

Except for everything. GG
im actually cancelling my subscription to this game... this expansion is stupid to
Blizz was hacked. There are forums and videos on this everywhere on the internet. Level ones are nuking Orgrimmar and Stormwind currently and posting vids about it. That's why servers are down. hotfixes? patch? Suuuuuure, they're scrambling right now to get their shizz back :P
And I know things happen, and I know ppl say " go do other things and its not that big of a deal", well It kinda is for me cause I am having minor surgery tomorrow and will be out of comission for 2 weeks, and Today was the only day I had to play and now most of that has been lost.
Ehhh, !@#$ this, it seems everyday they are restarting or something. They just dont know how to manage their own game.
just renewed subscription dis morning -_- ...
*sigh* I come home from work and want to get on and play a little WoW, and then BAM. I can't. Day is ruined :L
I think the Blizz guys are doing everything they can to fix this. We just need to be patient and compassionate. Like most people I was looking forward to doing some gaming but the bottom line is that it isn't possible right now so I need to be patient.

I don't think BLIZZ hates their customers - but they wouldn't take the servers down if there wasn't a good reason. They know that customers are their bread and butter and don't want to tick them off.
Its almost been two hours. Whats going on?
You must know nothing about technology. Ever update an app on your phone? Ever have it come up with a problem and then a few hours or days later a new update that fixes it? Stuff happens, you find it, fix it, document it, and move the heck on. I'm so glad that your life is so perfect that nothing ever happens that is not expected. Get over it and learn to wait.
At least I know it's not just my !@#$ty computer acting up.

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