Login Issues- 10/7/2012

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10/07/2012 12:39 PMPosted by Soulbuster
it is their fault. you would think with all the money they make off us they would at least put in some decent security measures. when we get hacked they say use authenticators. with most pay for and they make even more money. blizzard is a bunch drug dealers getting us on the come back.
You'd think that, but the only way to make a system accessible is to allow people access to it. The best you can hope for is that you make it sufficiently difficult to hack, and use the best practices that you can. But, if you allow remote GM's, then you allow for the possibility that the necessary GM authentication will be circumvented. Which is what appeared to happen here.
Ok, need an update please or should I call it a day and wash the car , mow the lawn etc...
yay! 90 here i come!
Sigh...My only time to really sit down and play.....
Thank you for getting the servers back up. The game you run is worth the wait, and the occasional hiccup. =)
Thank you for your patience. The log in issues are being slowly resolved and players are able to log in once more. We will provide updates should any additional issues occur.
10/07/2012 11:18 AMPosted by Seoni
They got ooked in the dooker.

This made me laugh so hard and made my day at work.
Thank You guys for fixing it. Im sorry u get so much crap for when things dont go right but in honesty...the fact the people get sooo mad they cant play your game should speak to how good it really is. And on that note i think MoP is an awesome exspansion and i think the reason the reviews are bad is because the people who like it are online playing instead of on the forums bashing it. If you want a true response to it i would suggest sending an in game survey to all accounts and you will get a true opinion.

Hey, that's new.
I know what has happened...


Time to dive into SBURB!

That guy's always here though.
Whoot! I am in!!!

Thank You! :)
Apparently 15 min IRL = 3 hours in WoW.
10/07/2012 01:47 PMPosted by Revernt
Apparently 15 min IRL = 3 hours in WoW.

Apparently "expected" IRL = "ZOMGWTF RAGE!!!" on the forums when things do not go as expected.
Well im logged in but i cant switch servers. Im afraid to log out because I wont get back in for another 30 minutes
May we please have an extra day of darkmoon faire?

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