Login Issues- 10/7/2012

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So this has been pretty much normal after every restart you have done recently.
At least it has been acknowledged finally.

Thanks for the update
Hanging on Connect....Southern California, Orange County
Hurry up! Those onyx eggs aren't going to find themselves!
At least update the Breaking News board so we know...
10/07/2012 11:18 AMPosted by Larasonna
AN HOUR?????"??? During peak times?????? You better rephrase that.

this isnt peak times. you better stop posting.
Thanks for the update, guess I'll go do something constructive with my Sunday morning then.
Make it quick please, got to do 1000000 Dailys before I have to go!!!!
Their authentication servers took an arrow to the knee.
Just go to YouTube or some other time wasting site to pass the time.
Thank you for the update.
Hey give them a break. They are just a small indy game company. They don't make much money.
intersting an error that just happend woah u guys got on it so fast

oh wait its been like this for an hour over an hour

Hurry up blizz every second of evry day we pay you so give us more seconds or dont have errors
I was loged in after the restarts but nooooooo i had to update my addons -.-
Figures, still cant get it right, happend earlier in the week also, very nice keep up the not so good work
Black Mesa time then, at least that game is finally out:)

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