Login Issues- 10/7/2012

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Time to put on my helmet to shield myself from the Bipiripipi that will be continuing on further pages.
10/07/2012 11:16 AMPosted by Nethaera
We are currently experiencing an issue after the performed rolling restarts that is affecting the authentication servers. We are currently investigating this issue and will provide further updates within an hour.

You broke it!!
Can we just keep the restarts to once a week. thanks
Issue sollution is to stop restarting servers almost daily. The servers are clearly sick of it.
10/07/2012 11:18 AMPosted by Seoni
They got ooked in the dooker.
They keep ooking my dooker when they could've ooked last night
Seems like whenever the servers go down, no matter when, people claim "Peak Playing Time" -- lol. Relax. Watch some football. Hug your kids or loved one. :)

You know most people like ...PLAY on this day right? Primetime Saterday mid day isnt the best time to do a restart.
Why could you not have done this at like 2 or 3 am when theres not alot of people on?

Mid morning on a Saterday is unecpectable

Well it's Sunday, but yes you make a good point.
You mean I have to do something else besides play WoW for a few hours? You want me to go outside or clean the house? Maybe even pay attention to my wife? Blizzard is the worst company ever. I'm quitting! First one to respond can haz my stuff.
Just got in on The Venture Co, but crossing fingers as others have gotten in and either got d/c'd or had lag issues. Here's hoping. Been in for about 15 minutes or so, no lag, no d/c. Good luck to anyone still having issues.
You idiots! I can't log in now.
you guys think you could do things like this on not weekends? perhaps? maybe?
This has been an issue with every single restart since release and this has just been the worst wait when it has happened... So pls after its fixed today, see about spending some time resolving the issue for good. Other then for this hiccup the xpac release has been pretty much flawless compared to down times in the past.

And still stuck at connecting. :(
Brilliant idea to do RRs on a Sunday - was something THAT drastic that it absolutely could not be done at a peak login time on a holiday weekend?
... please hurry ...
hmmmm same house n friend is able to play and im not WTF im P&^%$@
Kinda obvious there is something wrong with logging in... What gave it away? Us making threads about it or us making threads about it?

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