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It's a good thing the Packers are winning or I'd be REALLY pissed about this!
This is totally cutting into the amount of time I have available to do dailies. -.-
Thank you for the update.

if the servers need daily restarts, then they need daily restarts. I would rather wait for a nice game that plays smoothly than play one instantly that is of lower quality.
Chill, relax and play something else/ do something else. Watch a movie? Perhaps? or if it strikes your fancy- football? I will be playing either ps3 or 360... or even wii. just something so I don't bore myself to tears before work.
I knew i should have gone to church this morning. Thou is punishing me.
this is serious. the grocery just ran out of toilet paper and bottled water
May I ask what the rolling restarts were for? It must have been something pretty serious to schedule a restart on a Sunday morning when you have the majority of eligible players online. Would it have made sense to have done it during a 0200-0400 window?

I really am curious considering my real life job requires me to approve/deny/discuss these types of events and it would be interesting to hear the justification.

On a side note....this expac is nothing less than a masterpiece. Superior work guys. I can't get enough. BEST YET!!!
This is the result of some issues related to some hackers...you people need to calm down and let them fix it.
I want free gold for going through this.
I'm calling the cops.
if right now is peak hours... then peak hours are all day every day. hilarious
blizzard hates me
10/07/2012 11:26 AMPosted by Abednadir
I want free gold for going through this.

Yes, Yes!

Meh, there's sun outside, is a great day, I think I'll go for a walk or do something else than sit my backside by the computer
10/07/2012 11:26 AMPosted by Jroark
May I ask what the rolling restarts were for?

You may ask, but you probably won't get an answer! lol
Fail again blizz. Seriously, why don't you do restarts in the middle of the night, when most people are sleeping - not on a Sunday afternoon! And why is it EVERY time you do anything to the servers it takes much longer than expected? Get a team who knows what they are doing and doesn't screw it up every single time. We spend our money to play this game and half the time the servers are down!
30 years ago we learned not to do changes to 50 things with out seeing if there was a negative effect on 1,2,maybe 3 things. when you do a change a to a bunch of servers and then pull your head out of the sand you get negative things. Dang politicians are right; they are not teaching common sense in school or college any more.

How many times does this have to happen before somenone thinks?
Well, at least the Giants are winning X.X

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