Login Issues- 10/7/2012

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Dam. So much for setting time aside to play wow... This is really killing my morning.
This is what i get for being "last" in /2.. =(
Good thing all the expert are out to tell Blizz how to fix this... Things happen folks, complaining about it won't change things though. Go outside for an hour or something.
Problem with the login server or problem with the lvl 1 priest flying around insta killing everyone?
The Rolling restart was maybe for the hacker that killed everybody in some server ..... and some other issues...
So, thanks Blue for the update. I dig that things go wrong.

That said, I'm a network admin (IKR, a network admin who plays WoW... shocking. Line forms to the left for this magic, ladies) for a 24/7 shop... No where NEAR what you folks face, I'll grant you that, however I also face the daunting task of having to maintain hardware when you've essentially always got people needing / wanting to use it. I wouldn't do any updates or restarts, if at all avoidable, on say a Monday while payroll is being processed.

A weekend, in particular a long weekend for many, does not strike me as the most logical time to perform restarts on servers. Even 5am would have been a better choice. I can't imagine that trying to sort this out while you've got X million users all blasting away with their login credentials makes things much easier.

You said pretty much everything I wanted to say. I'm a network admin as well, though for places that are only open during business hours. I'm rather annoyed that they keep deciding to do restarts on Sunday afternoons and such instead of a usual extremely early Tuesday morning. Unless there is a massive exploit or game bug that absolutely must be fixed RIGHT NOW, then I see no point.
within the hour they will update us to tell us they will update us within the next hour....and so it begins
All of the hamsters for the authentication server died, so they need to replace them all, which sucks because all of the pet stores don't open until noon.
This is terrible i had to go outside to entertain myself :(.
10/07/2012 11:16 AMPosted by Nethaera
We are currently investigating this issue and will provide further updates within an hour.

ANOTHER HOUR?? It's already been over an hour since the "max 15 minute downtime restart"!

Seriously? Another hour?? This was the only day I could do some serious leveling up! Dammit.

got you!

ty 4 bp
come on bring it back up
I'll take the lower quality ;) Then again, i never noticed the floating leaves on the log in screen... so pretty!
I want to be compensated for this! At least some taco bell or tree fitty!
Being a former GM for that "other WoW-like MMORPG" I understand how these things can go.

Patience is a virtue and going outside to look at that orange orb in the sky beats sitting inside and griping about something your griping won't change.

Relax, have a Kit-Kat and wait like everyone else.

Peace out.

P.S. Thanks for the update Nethaera.
I've already waited over an hour and now I have to wait another hour?! Why would you guys do this on a weekend in the middle of the day anyway?
So blizz tell us if the hackers stole our credit card info so i know if i have to cancel or not.

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