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10/07/2012 11:28 AMPosted by Blundershot
We are currently experiencing an issue after the performed rolling restarts that is affecting the authentication servers. We are currently investigating this issue and will provide further updates within an hour.

A real world hour? Or a Blizzard hour? Just need to know if I have time to go to Wal-mart or not...

Ahaha....aw now I'm sad again.
i dont even try to log in, i just see these guys
Charging me 15 a month so you can issue a restart on a weekend. I work for a living so the only real time i have to play is the weekend so why can you not pick a better time to do a restart? I mean seriously... OH then something goes wrong? So i would like to be prorated for the game time im losing since you cant seem to get your crap figured out.
this is bull!@#$...i didnt pay for a damn expansion and game time to have these blizz idiots restart the servers in the middle of the day on a sunday for gods sake...really blizz? ya'll have got to be smarter then that...do it on a monday in the middle of the night when there is more downtime..i work all damn week and the weekend is my gaming and goofing off days and the same is for alot of other people....get a freaking brain and dont try to restart the servers at 1 of the most populated times of the day and week.
seriously if ya'll are gunna do !@#$ like this then there should be some kinda payback...we are not paying to have your %^-* go wrong on your servers.
10/07/2012 12:07 PMPosted by Couponz
Who wants a few shots of UV Cherry with me.... makes this forum kind of funny. Don't need the Brewfest goggles or pint of beer or anything!

Im down with that and the Captain Morgan Black
WE LIVE IN AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish to be a part of this 100 page fiasco!
This my face expression atm..
100 pages and still no blue reply :(
my anger is angering angry!!!
Apparently 12/21/12 came early to WoW today - LOL
Sigh. two bars until 90 and this happens. FML
your only 85, it will take more than today! lol...
Where is the "Hour Update"? HUH!!! jebus
This will hit 100 pages easy... I am thinking 300 if they dont close it down..
Just a guess
Those blizz guys need to stop downloading nsfw stuffs.

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