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Ugh. No resolve.
Lovely. I take joy in people not being able to collect their Onyx Eggs. :-p
theres a new raid...the lvl 1 is the boss...lets go!
Well there may be 720 hours a month , but take out sleep time , work time , wife time, and house work time and i'm left with like 3 hours a day so that equals 5 cents per hour mf!!!!
Ag I was in for like 30 minutes and then I got kicked out. That was a horrible tease! Now I am in que again *cries*
I completely understand unexpected *issues*... I just don't want to pay for them. It's routine, I know. But you are not crediting players for the hours (and we are up to several hours per month) that servers are down. I have a life outside of Azeroth, so I try to make the most of the time I get to play. Does me no good to have access this afternoon. I planned to be 90 by now.
10/07/2012 12:14 PMPosted by Obsessionx
Blizzard hired the NFL backup refs to manage their network. Thanks blizzzaarddd

Oh no.. this means Golden Tate is gonna ninja all the good loot and nothing can stop him!
it going to be on 5PM news .... trust me
generic complaint + bump
Been reading this particular thread for awhile now--and there are definitely flaws in how you decided to go about this. Number one--Sunday? Seriously? This is obviously (though perhaps not prime-time clock wise) the most traffic heavy day for this game, considering the amount of 20+ aged people that play, and also it being a holiday weekend. What on earth were you thinking? Especially considering you had this problem earlier this week. That brings me to point number two. What on earth are you doing re-rolling so often? What are you hoping to achieve? Aside from lost money from customers who are just utterly fed up with this idiocy, I can't figure it out. What I really can't understand is why you decided to do this (on Sunday!) when you have already been having so many problems with post re-roll!? Take advice from the posters. Re-roll on an errant Monday or Tuesday, when people are actually working and/or attending school. Even five in the morning would have been more convenient this time around.
i wonder where my post will show up, currently 91
Maybe if i try logging in again it would work, nope
Been an hour where is our update.
im hungry... can i play yet?
While it's down...

I think I'll watch Kung Fu Panda with my 5 year old... I've been having a tough time pronouncing some of these city and NPC names anyway.

An expansion aimed at lurring in the Chinese was sure to give me bilingual barriers.
one does not simply log into wow
It is funny, where everthing is shinning the CMs, trying to get a raise on their paychecks, praise how good the game it is...
But when they do need to give information, they post nothing....

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