Connection Issues [10/7/2012]

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Thanks for letting us know. Such a practical decision to do server restarts on the weekend when it affects so many more people! Some of us actually work six days a week and get one day a week to relax - thanks for thinking of us.
Funniest part about this is thinking about the fishing tournament I'm missing. The rare spawns and low spawn pets I'm missing out on because the servers are not down. Just some of us can't log in.
wish they had said something earlier, since i had left wow for a few months i deleted wow and started re-download, thought it was me...DAMN IT
dont use an aithentacater and still cant log in
Thanks for the update! =D
Just tried to log in again with no luck. Guess its back to Guild Wars 2. :(
10/07/2012 11:32 AMPosted by Doomgore
Ok so I'm just gonna say this. I'm not stuck at "Connecting." I'm stuck right after my authenticator information is entered and it is a blank window with a cancel button. Is it related and people just saying "stuck at connecting" because that's what people consider this to be?

You're past most people. The connecting is "Connecting.."
Just an idea blizzard, why not just do what you did last week when this happened? And what was so important that we needed another rolling restart, that makes what, every day since Mist of Problems was released?
10/07/2012 11:31 AMPosted by Jèrvacious
Thanks for the update! Glad I pay for this sort of thing...

I just want to point out that proportionally this is a rarity. Server uptime is easily in the 99.8% range the only reason it is such a big deal is because the servers are so rarely down.
10/07/2012 11:30 AMPosted by Afktomuch
Translation - None of you will play again today. Sometime early tomorrow morning we will do a restart and finally fix the same problem we've had for a month now. Also we will not be spending any of the ample money we earn every month to hire adequate staffing nor shall we do any sort of hardware upgrades to fix tichondrius !@#$ty performance (yes we're aware of how bad you guys have it).

Thanks for the translation, I needed to know what they ment :P
Thanks for the update Im just glad its not somthing wrong with me PC. Blizzard you are all doing a great job i remember the crashes from the old days after a patch or x pac your updating process has become almost flawless. So keep up the good work in providing us all a break from our lives.
going on 25 minutes???? How much longer to identify the issue?
Somwhere on a remote desert island the Blizzard CEO is drinking a Margarita laughing his rich A$$ off at all us poor saps.
Thanks for the update!
AGAIN???? I'm gonna run to the store and get some coke and power bars, pvp food, if its not working when I'm back I'll picket blizzcon...not really but i'll still be an unsatisfied PAYING CUSTOMER
"Authentication server" does not just mean having an authenticator attached to your account, it also includes authenticating your password with your email.
Thank you for the update. Some of the reactions in the community are pretty interesting at the moment. Reading them will be entertainment enough while I wait.

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