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Just how bad is it? I have yet to play any of my toons more than an hour or two in the starting zones, and unfortunately, all I feel is that same, constant level grind we have gone through the past few years. Does it get better later on? Is level 90 worth it?
10/07/2012 11:36 AMPosted by Tviru
Is level 90 worth it?

Totally. So much better than Cataclysm.

I did the grind as a healer on day one. It wasn't that painful and probably much more enjoyable as a DPS. Dread Wastes (89-90) is the worst part, but the rest is absolutely stunningly beautiful.

So you can easily do it over 2-3 days casually and comfortably.
Do you like questing and leveling? No? Then the grind will suck. Do you like lore, stories, and reading the quests? If so, you'll have fun.

Level 90 is decently grindy (think TBC on a smaller scale) and thank god for that.

EDIT: You could skip the Dread Wastes entirely, like I have done, but that sets you back -a lot- on rep and gear. Probably should go ahead and do it.
I had a blast leveling, though I like questing. If you just ignore you exp bar, and work on getting zone loremaster quests it'll go by pretty fast.

And I found the story interesting and engaging, end of the jade forest left me feeling bad :c which is something a wow quest line has never done. So Bravo to the writers.
The only bad part is the first half of 89. Does 85-90 take a bit of time? Yus. But it's still so worth it. So much better than Cata!
If you're expecting a radically different leveling experience you will be disappointed. It's still the same game - the formula hasn't changed. I'll admit, I wasn't exactly thrilled with the Jade Forest - but near the end, things get interesting when you're more thoroughly introduced to one of the major antagonists and are thrust in to the other zones.

They've added a few new things, such as farming (which I find quite fun), but for the most part - it's the same as Cataclysm 80-85. Which I quite enjoyed.

The time to take was about the same for me, I only had 2-3 hours to play during a weeknight and hit 90 in about a week, but I read all the quests and took my time.

Get past the Jade Forest, and you'll start to enjoy yourself (I did, at least).

Level 90 is great. I'm loving the introduction to scenarios. The heroics are incredibly easy, and there are a ton of factions to work with. So there isn't a dwindle of stuff to do.
I did 1-90 whilst working 6 days a week.

It was okay. The only parts I didn't like were..Outlands and 89-90 in Dread Wastes.

Dread Wastes took me like three times longer than 88-89 solely because the zone made me want to spoon my own eyeballs out.
I did 1-90 whilst working 6 days a week.

It was okay. The only parts I didn't like were..Outlands and 89-90 in Dread Wastes.

Dread Wastes took me like three times longer than 88-89 solely because the zone made me want to spoon my own eyeballs out.

This broad's a beast.
I was actually finding myself tryin' to get through the last 2 levels because I wanted to get started on things that had to wait 'till your 90. Like those cloud serpents. Sooooo pretty.
There are so many things to dooooooooo.

The only reason why this toon's not 90 is because I'm leveling another character, bouncing between the rested XP, and ... I've done more RP than PvE with my time. I'm thoroughly enjoying the experience, though. MoP is certainly more engaging to me than Cata ever was.
I enjoyed every minute of MoP questing
I on the other hand HATE questing. I felt there was just too much of it this time around. The quests themselves weren't painful, but plowing through so many quests to level up got a bit... well it got really grindy even if the content was good. I know personally it's going to take me awhile to level any of my other toons up to 90, which I suppose is a good thing as I want to gear the Dollmaker up for both PvE and PvP content.
I couldn't do it, I was finally ground down to my core and couldn't continue on 'The Grind'. Maybe I'm just tired of the Seven year cycle or perhaps I just can't force myself to like MoP like I did with Wrath, Cata and BC, either way I wished my guild good luck in MoP or hell, even into WoW's future without me.
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That's right, this new content leveling in Panderia feels more tedious then bringing another alt through northrend bc and cata.

I disagree entirely. I'm excited to work my warrior and my mage up through Pandaria, and getting my monk through Wrath/Cata was the worst experience I've had with him.
I had a great deal of fun leveling this time around, especially when compared to the Cataclysm leveling experience. There was once when I dinged and it took me by surprise; I had forgotten what I was in the zone to do, I was enjoying myself so much.
I really liked 85-90, except for a couple things.

Having to kill 10x the amount of mobs it should normally take to complete a quest because the chances of quest items to drop are absolute crap. That's not fun - it wasn't fun in vanilla, tbc, or wotlk, but they fixed it for the most part in cata. Why did they go back to that?

Also like someone else said the sheer amount of quests it takes to level(at times less than 1% per quest) makes it feel very grindy at times.
I think you are starting off with the wrong attitude.

Instead of looking at it as the same old grind how about...looking at it as a "what is this around the corner."

this is a new continent with really stunning scenery. Stop and look around and you may find questing all that much more enjoyable.

Now that I can fly I am finding all kinds of great stuff to look at.

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