Blood Secondary Stats (Hit/Exp)

Death Knight
Aight, now that we're rolling into the raiding environment and some guilds may be working on heroic modes as early as next week, what have you guys found/discovered/thought of as far as capitalizing on Scent of Blood with Hit/Exp stats?

Right now I'm running on the expectation that some of our gear choices will include Hit/Exp stat ratings. That stat will be reforged out of into Dodge/Parry (whichever has the lower rating) and whatever leftover hit/exp we have is what we have.

Has anybody worked with capping your hit/exp stats at this gear level? I really havn't looked at the math, but if the scaling is like normal, at these gear levels and with the available stat budgets I would think that to cap both of those we would be sacrificing too much dodge/parry/mastery. I would expect that as ilvl's increase, and secondary stats become more abundant, the flexability we will have in reaching those caps will increase.

I suppose a third train of thought would be avoiding hit/exp like the plague and maxing dodge/parry/mastery like cataclysm, but I would assume that even if that were to become the best option, that would likely mean Blizzard taking a good look at modifications to our active mitigation model.

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