Too much rage

I just leveled this little baby warrior and I have to say starting one is horrible! 30 rage to use any of the starting abilities and every mob I took on, I'd be almost dead before finally getting 30 rage.

You know how boring it is to sit there auto-striking because I have no rage? Why are the first abilities we get costing so much rage with barely any way to generate it? I tried multiple mobs, died too fast. One-on-one I get 30 rage eventually when down to 1/4 health.

The rage required for these abilities should scale up as we level up, or at least give us a way to generate rage faster at low level. This is ridicules and boring.

It goes like this: Charge, auto hit, auto hit, auto hit (many many times) Heroic strike! auto-hit more times, oh look, execute is ready, only need 20 more rage... it's dead now.

Next mob I have victory rush, yay! back to auto hit...
Try different stances.
I will say this, shield slam at level 10 finally made it fun again. Had battle stance from level 1 to 9, it was still like that. Though I can see how it would help to stay using it unless tanking.
You need to level high enough to get your rage generating main ability.

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