WoooooooooW!!!!! ALLIANCE CAMPERS!!! awesome!

WOOOOWW its awesome!!! How could you kill me?!!, Were only 5 vs 1!. I feel ashamed: (


Good teamwork alliance!!!, especially by the warlock casting fear!!! (good work, one second more and i would have killed them all!
LOL Thank you so much for making my day. I was not one of the campers, but I really have to say thanks for making me laugh to so hard. A HORDE on ILLIDAN complaining about being camped by ALLIANCE. Complaining about a fight being 5 to 1. LOL. God this is really funny.

Trust me. Any ALLIANCE on ILLIDAN has faced multiple Horde to 1 constantly every day. You will not get any sympathy from anyone. I know HORDE on ILLIDAN are not used to it, but you are on a PVP server. What do you expect is going to happen?
Le sigh. It's so disappointing that people here don't know how to deal with corpse camping. That's one of the fundamental things you need to know to be on a PvP server.

Your guild is the first place to look. Second place is General chat (although good luck on that one LOLs). If that fails, Spirit Healer and move on or log out and go do something else for a bit. They'll leave.

QQ on forums is a bad idea. Leave the forums for login queue QQ please. :3

Edit: I must admit after looking at the picture, you were really unlucky. You encountered all five alliance on Illidan in one area.

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