wow mop freezing or locking your pc?

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Is anyone else having problems with the new mop like freezing up in the dungeons so yo ucan't even close the wow program up, or when you log out back to the character selection it sometimes closes the whole wow program so you have to launch it again, or you sometimes get error 132 or error 1, or or or or or etc etc? I've updated all my drivers, reloaded wow 4 times;3 from the mop discs and 1 from and still this game doesn't run right.

I've an intel core 2 dual cpu e8400@ 3.00ghz, 2.40 ghz, 3.37gb of ram with a nevidia gefore 9800 gt and yet I'm having this problem. Even my gf on her pc is having this problem and we been playing over 5 years and didn't have these kinds of problems till mop came out.

So anyone else having these problems also?
I do have Black Screen (even Killed a 6 month old gefore), GF does not any issues. I have Win 7 64-Bit client, she had Win Xp Pro, and really old Vid -drivers.

Have you tried DX9?

My posts: This let us play for about 2 hrs total, so we hit 86 together.

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I've got it set on dx 9. I'm wondering does triple buffering help or hinder video cards because mine is set to off and was reading up that triple buffering is suppose to help with videos in games. I can't get a gm to answer me on if I should try playing with it on.

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