Wtf has happened to this game?

fears dont dr. damage doesnt break fears. damage no longer breaks frost novas, bm hunters can down you within seconds and do well over a million damage within literally 5 seconds tops.. idk what to really say right now.. warriors and their avatar reck macros, its truly making me not want to play this game and im stuck with this annual pass.. i might just say o well to it.. i havent touched diablo 3 except a few times i have a lvl 20 and the game is boring.. worst of all we are paying cash and im sorry but i feel as though my money is going to waste.. the dungeons seem long as hell.. i hate pve its something i havent been into since wotlk due to raids after being so lame.. i feel like im throwing my money down the drain can someone tell me wtf is going on here?
10/08/2012 12:53 AMPosted by Stichez
im throwing my money down the drain
I agree..

Arenas are a joke almost no point at all in doing 2v2 seriously either.. You'll get rick rolled by a BM hunter poping cds with bestial wrath and stampede and lynx rushing while his team mate (dps or healer) sits and watches him solo you or both you and your teammate with unhealable damage.

CCs like fearing are jokes... cyclone and polymorph seem to be the same.. but Fears are unbreakable and don't have any Diminishing returns.. heck.. seems like nothing has any diminishing returns..

And this might in fact be my last xpac or few weeks of WoW if i dont see any changes and fixes..

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