FPS issues with the world, not my computer

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It started when CRZ went live so I stayed in Stormwind. However, Pandaland is bad too. Get this. City = 50FPS. Raid = 50 FPS. Going to ANY zone = dropping to 20-30 FPS. Some spots I get back to 50, or if I been in the zone for a bit it sort of "fixes" itself. But i'd say this is an issue with the GAME, not computers/graphics cards since SO MANY HAVE THIS ISSUE.

Another weird thing - if I am looking at my achievements when flying, when I change zones my game goes "not responding" for a few seconds. Only happens when changing zones with achievements opened. Usually it just studders/jumps when I switch zones. This is more of an older world issue not so much Pandaria.

Anyways Blizz if you read this, I suggest you look at what you can do to fix this on YOUR END, not mine.

World boss fights are a nightmare to some too, but thankfully I seem okay during them.
It would help if you posted the specs of your computer so they can see whats going on you can do that by. posting a DXDiag
Yeah starting this morning im having a similar issue, last night i was running perfectly fine, this morning im running at about 1/2 the FPS i normally am, I opened task manager, nothing is sucking my resources, infact wow isnt even using half of what my PC has available.

Most pandaria zones i normally run ~50 FPS. This morning im getting about 15-20 FPS. This is on near max graphics.

Was running fine last night, i dont know, gonna try restarting comp, i restarted wow didnt work, i made sure my add ons were up to date, maybe ill try turning them off too. Report back if i can fix.
My lag on the world server regularly spikes badly when I'm grinding the dailies in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.
Ok just a simple computer reboot seemed to work, back to normal. lol

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