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As the title says i'd like to know who is the best warrior in wow or a very good one to see some videos and try to incorporate some of he's moves
All time favorite is Laintime.

Today's warriors don't want to give their techniques away. No Bajheera, no Swifty (he even said in a video that he won't show his tricks and macros). I don't know about the other wich are way better than these two.
Hoodrych though I am not sure if he is playing in MoP. Also I hear Reckful has switched to Warrior so I am sure he will do well. Beyond that you could just look at some perennial gladiators.

EDIT: oh and for the love of god only watch Swifty for entertainment value and not as a reference on how to play the Warrior class effectively lol. He is a nice guy and fun to watch but sometimes the things he says make me want to train a monkey to donkeypunch him in the taint on a daily basis.
Do not watch Swifty or Bajheera. For the love of god, i've been playing warrior since 2004 and have over 3 warriors spread across one account, and it enrages me (yes thats a warrior joke) to see all the BS swifty and baj spew about the class..

"Heroic strike > slam spec" he says... /facepalm.

A few exceptional warrior players:
Golrath from the Daggerspine server, i believe he quit but hes like a 7 or 8 time Gladiator on the Cyclone battlegroup.

Thorrior from Kel'Thuzad, a skill-capped contributor who has frequently played high ranked warrior arena even when warriors were !@#$ (such as season 10)
This is kind of an ambiguous question. The best arena warrior, the best rbg warrior, the best raiding warrior. The list goes on, you can't have the best warrior ever no matter what.

10/08/2012 10:08 AMPosted by Mooskitt
"Heroic strike > slam spec" he says... /facepalm.
Christ yeah, that pissed me off to no end. I used to have a plethora of warriors call me bad cause I used slam spec over HS spec.

EDIT: On another note. Gearbreaker is hilarious to watch; I used to watch him purely for his commentary. He's very amusing.
good warriors if they are playing in mop and are streaming: Hoodrych, merkx, swayyz, ayraswag is decent too. thorrior is good as well.
Reckful is playing Warrior this season instead of Rogue. He streams and answers viewer's questions on Twitch.tv
But i als wanted to know the name of one warrior that put videos showing something that would make me better.
actually any warrior in the game. a watched a monkey solo an entire bg by itself
10/08/2012 09:23 AMPosted by Squirrelnut

hoodrych is by far the best warrior and has been for some time.
10/08/2012 11:43 AMPosted by Matayas

Surely you mean FOOLSMASHER! ?
Also, Laintime. Warrior from looooong ago, but he was really f'ing good.
You don't get better by watching someone stream or their high res instructional pay to watch videos.

You get better by learning your class, reading your tool-tips, understanding what each and every one does and knowing how to react to each and every scenario.

You also get better fundamentally by actually understanding the other classes and their abilities and counters.

^^ Klinda hands down. multi gladiator [3s company:2700] , youtube him

^^ Klinda hands down. multi gladiator [3s company:2700] , youtube him

Yeah. Klinda has got some skill. Even though he does the whole cliched big crit videos - he does know what he's doing. And had decent taste in music.

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