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Best warrior of all time: Hoodrych
Best warrior recently: Merkx / Brutonia

and yes Hoodrych is playing warrior for MoP so we'll see later in the season who comes out on top.
No specific order:

Only listed warriors I've looked up that I know are playing MoP.
I vote for Brokenstorm.
Swifty is probably the worst player out there in warrior video making.

As for the best warrior I think of it as best warrior players (If that makes sense)

Merkx is generally new but Thorrior is a long time favorite of mine, and Hoodrych is fun to watch to me, he really makes the most out of the warrior abilities.

Reckful is coming in though so it should be interesting.
Hate to interrupt guys... But I don't see any videos being linked. :)

Maybe we could change that? What would be some good videos to study, that apply to the mechanics of MoP?
You don't get better by watching someone stream or their high res instructional pay to watch videos.

You get better by learning your class, reading your tool-tips, understanding what each and every one does and knowing how to react to each and every scenario.

You also get better fundamentally by actually understanding the other classes and their abilities and counters.

100% disagree. You can learn a lot from watching high rated players play.
100% disagree. You can learn a lot from watching high rated players play.

Yeah, you can learn how to *think* you know what you're doing, and how you *think* you can actually analyze situations, and you -may- *think* that the person you're watching is even good to begin with.

You also may *think* you're devoting your time into something productive.
But then you realized you're not figuring out how to play at all, and instead you're being entertained by watching someone else play.

And then you realized you learned nothing.
10/10/2012 04:16 AMPosted by Valkyríé
The Boss
Anyone but Swifty.
I miss Vanilla. Back then EVERYONE knew who the best warriors were, and we didn't have to make these threads. :P
OP didnt ask for names so he can be entertained. He wants lessons. Top PVPers do not give away secrets. They do not give away their rotations or macro info. They are top because they play alot. They study the other classes and learn to counter attack. You cant become top player by youtube videos. Just like in real life you have to practice practice practice.

If you talk to these top guys off the record they will tell you it took years to become a great PVPer.
10/12/2012 02:45 PMPosted by Aellai
The Boss

I noticed no one said veev/veex, who won blizzcon as a warrior and is multi R1 glad war.
10/16/2012 01:39 PMPosted by Megatronx
I noticed no one said veev/veex, who won blizzcon as a warrior and is multi R1 glad war.

Veex has done something no other warrior has done.
I'd say Laintime, Why? Because his videos were solo PVP (yes with pots and tubers) but no pocket healer. Because back then in Vanilla some skills were locked to stances.

Stay in berserk stance have access to Berserk rage to counter sap, gouge and fear but take more damage and cannot overpower
Stay in battle, get feared, sapped gouged
Change stances (if you didn't spec into tactical mastery) lose all your rage
Blood rage gained you 20 rage at the expense of HP


That's a video of Laintime for those interested. You may want to switch off the music.
Yes it is 7-8 years old, but I do feel warriors back then really required more knowledge and skill rather than stay in perpetual Battle stance and press whatever skill lights up now.

What you can expect from the video (despite its poor quality) is

Stance dancing
Hitbox manipulation, (stay in melee range for yourself but deny your opponent)
Self heals from bandage & Cannibalism
One versus many without pocket healer
Fear Bomb (Intimidation shout had no limit)
Barov Peasant Caller trinket for brief distraction
Trinket swap during fight (5 second dropping combat rule)
Fear -> Bandage
Reckful's warrior's name is Anticide and he is quite quite good.

All time? I have always had a soft spot for Gforce.

I don't know guys, Swifty sure kicked my !@# with his KFC team. (guaranteed he had Rank 1 Darkspear Hpal and 2.7k BM hunter, BUT that's beside the point!)
Bajheera is a lot of fun to watch

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