Help me understand

Is there a reason why my rogue just can't kill anything even if it's like 2 to 3 levels below me ?!
I mean, I was taking on a lvl 88 priest and got my !@# kicked like a noob ?!?!
Help me understand the idea behind this new expansion please.

Also... why the hell is my dps so low ?!
I try to reach the caps (hit/exp) and the only thing it seems to do is to make my dps go down the tub like crazy.
(By low I mean... 15/30kdps vs everybody else loldps (I've tried all specs, can't manage to get better numbers, help please ?!))

never had issues back in Wrath/Cata... please help me understand!
What kind of noob has MoP turned me into -_-
get some heroic gear and do scenario like ToGC one, it gives pretty nice wep...

i think dps in dungeons is ok actually, i am doing fine and i am in half pvp gear

in pvp however don't even bother, we are dead weight to any team

I've figured that much when I got my !@# kicked by that lvl 88 priest...
I'll grind some scenarios and do more heroics... the only problem is, nothing ever drops.
In bout 20 heroics... I've only gotten like 2 pieces -_-
Seeing plate & mail dropping like crazy is getting on my nerves.
10/08/2012 03:52 PMPosted by Syrelan
dont worry about it i got beaten by a lvl 85 warrior. granted i didnt use cooldowns i did not think i would have too.

I'm tempted to laugh but... I've been there as well.
No matter what I'm up against, I just can't seem to make it right.
I though I was just rusty or simply bad but the more I read about it... the more I realize I might not be the only one in this pathetic situation.
I finally did some PvP this expansion the other night. I felt completely useless, I'm seriously having a hard time adapting to having fewer tools to work with. But I figured it was just that: I need to adapt better. So I come over to the forums to see what's up and it's thread after thread of different people feeling the same way.

I told my friends to just go without me because I feel like a liability to the team. I'm not ready to give up just yet, going to try some more to figure out how best to use my meager cooldowns, and maybe mess around with different talent set ups.

But damn man....
Yea, while leveling it felt really bad being 89 getting destroyed by casters 2-3 levels below me.

Every once in awhile I could open with all my CDs and blow them up. Unless they were a mage, in that case they could live through my CDs and then I'd just die.

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