Is Cloaked the only one that LIKES rogues?


I counter your pessimism with my optimism!

I love DnD references. I
We need faster energy regeneration, and some talents buffed. imo.

The only spec worth playing is combat atm.
I will say I am enjoying leveling up on my rogue, but seeing as I am only 86, that could very well change.
Got epic fist weapon.

KS for half a geared targets bar if every strike lands. Follow with 5 point kidney into AR SnD.

Dead people. Dead people EVERYWHERE.
If I sing I will always love Rogues, will I eventually OD?

Too soon?
I am enjoying Rogues to PVE as well. It always takes me a while to get into PVP each Expansion, but i think ill be trying Combat now that i can have Sstep as well, or maybe prep for burst.

Overall im pretty happy with the class so far this expansion. I still dont believe the Epic Weapons you get out of Heroics exist, or the Junk Box Epics.

Oh another thing i am liking are Junk Boxes. These now actually have some gold in em. anywhere from 1-50 Gold per helps out farming those suckers
As someone who has been combat since starting the game, I am thoroughly enjoying the new experience. It's the same, but slightly different. Plus I am doing very well in heroics.
All the scrubs got together in a thread. Nobody has any Arena rating and all they do is PvE.



Are you a troll?
10/08/2012 11:50 PMPosted by Attacked
Only the baddies who dont know how to play rogues are hating it.

Reckful and Neilyo would like to have a word with you.
I'm new here, but why does Cloaked speak in the 3rd person?
Cloaked stole my goggles.
10/08/2012 08:45 PMPosted by Newkie
assassination is by far the biggest yawnfest rogue spec.

Always has been.
Always will be.
Troelvah loves Cloaked. Troelvah would gank and camp anyone who hurt Cloaked.

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