Need advice in arena

What should i do against a dk/warrior team?

Figured keep dk feared when no ams
and go for warrior

got warrior to about 35% and full dots and fear and his hp wouldnt not go any lower for about 3mins.

Im not geared fully yet but so is the people we are going against.
The warrior is your biggest problem so fear the warrior kill the dk than 2/3on1 the warrior
well, what worked for my and my DPS partner was for me to go demo w/ dark apotheosis and just tank them down, if they switch then I can go out of DA and free cast.

Keep in mind i'm only 1200ish so this might not work higher up.
Most def Fear the warrior and kill the DK. Warriors will most of the time have Second Wind, which will stall you from killing them that last percentage of their health, and gives them time you kill you.
Cry as you realize both have an button that says "hey I'm immune to fear and there's nothing you can do about it. Did I also mention it breaks fears already on me? Oh yeah, my trinket is just waiting btw" and watch as they proceed to pop every single offensive cd and faceroll you.

Assuming you survive that, then probably your best course of action is to CC the warrior and kill the DK because most warriors will go for second wind.
defensive stance (25% damage reduction) + second wind should completely stop you from scoring a kill as affliction.

go demo or go destruction, you need the burst also get your healer to assist in damage.
10/08/2012 05:57 PMPosted by Trabeth
The warrior is your biggest problem so fear the warrior kill the dk than 2/3on1 the warrior
fear the warrior....*laugh*
in all honesty, if you HAVE to do 2's just get what points you can and get the hell out. there is no balance in 2v2, you will just frustrate yourself, you should focus on gearing up in BG's and then once you have a full set of pvp gear (should not take long) i suggest trying to get a 3v3 team setup.

gearing up in BG's also gives you the chance to get more familiar with you new talents and get a general idea on dealing with other classes. but, do not look to 2v2 for learning or getting better, i mean it can help in certain aspects, but i would not bother with it.

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