752 people in line to get on Area 52

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UGGGGGGGGGGGG! You need to open up transfers to all outgoing from Area 52 and Illidan this is redicules. I could not get on last night either. Nobody wanted to go to a mandatory server. But this is crazy....
They did.

You just missed it by a few days.
No your wrong it was a mandatory one server transfer. I would have jumped at the chance had they opened it up to all realms. You see I just paid to come to Area 52, now I have to pay to leave? Thats BS, if I cant play each night. I love my new guild but whats the point if I cant get on to raid?


Characters on a source realms are only eligible to transfer to the destination realm directly across from it.

Area 52 - Eastern PvE--------------> Velen - Mountain PvE
Exodar - Eastern PvE
Rofl. Talk to me when you have to deal with the 4k+ queues on Illidan on a daily basis.
free transfers never worked this way. sorry.
I don't have to deal with any of it.
That's what you get for playing on a full server.

If you had any smarts you'd know that this happens at the beginning of every expansion.

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