Seeking an Answer to Faction Imbalance on SC.

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I'm not sure if this is the proper venue to vent my frustrations about the current state of my home server, so I apologize in advance!

Skullcrusher is a server that has been in decline for the alliance for quite awhile now. ( ) This problem has only been compounded with the release of Mists of Pandaria. The Ratio of Alliance to Horde is quickly becoming comical on this server, with ratios exceeding 1:5. As a long-time player, I am left with a few wholly unattractive options:

1) Pay to Transfer my 11 characters to a different server for $225. - I would consider this option if there were some sort of package deal for 100$, but otherwise this option is not economically feasible for me. In addition, I have several real-life friends and family that I play with where the transfer fee would not be an option for them either.

2) Start a new character on a different server - While this is indeed a possibility, I would be leaving behind the characters I have been playing since opening day of vanilla. In addition, I would be leaving behind the close-knit group of real-life players that I play with. Convincing them to start new characters as well would probably just result in splitting our group of friends up and consequently causing us to leave the game.

3) Continue to try to play on Skullcrusher - While I enjoy a PvP playstyle, the sheer amount of horde to alliance on Skullcrusher makes even mundane tasks impossible to achieve. From simple questing in an area carpeted with horde players, to trying to sell things on a failing alliance auction house; the game is rapidly becoming frustrating and unfun to play.

So my Questions are these: Are there any plans in the future to merge an extremely overpopulated alliance server with Skullcrusher, or allow free transfers to a different server? What should I do? I love the game, and especially the Mists of Pandaria expansion, but the situation on Skullcrusher is rapidly becoming unfun for any players on the alliance side, especially when there is world content that I am unable to participate in due to the population (Sha of Anger, Galleon, ETC)

Thanks for your time! =)
Interesting, considering that I was thinking on making a return to World of Warcraft. I'd be interested to know how wide spread this is server wise. If it is a growing problem, then that is a concern, and maybe my return is pre-mature. I haven't played in close to a year.
With the advent of CRZ, that should even out once CRZ goes live in the Panadaria areas. Right now it's disabled while the initial crush of players evens out. They will post when it's going live.
Really in the end.. there is no FIX for it.

Can blizz make less people play on horde? no. THey could limit new people to the server as a whole but i dont think they can limit what facton.. and if they want to play horde, they would go to another server anyways.

Can they force people from another server to yours? Nope.

Could they offer faction changes off for you? Yeah, but it would make the situation even WORSE..

Its one of those no win situations.. its the PEOPLE causing this :(
10/09/2012 02:54 AMPosted by Arathil
Are there any plans in the future to merge an extremely overpopulated alliance server with Skullcrusher

Generally, if there are plans, they are not announced ahead of the actual announcement. When they make such an announcement, they will do so on the General Discussion forum. However, merging realms has yet to happen in WoW and is unlikely to.

10/09/2012 02:54 AMPosted by Arathil
or allow free transfers to a different server?

They just did a batch of such free migrations, which are now ended (and Skullcrusher was not on the list), but when they do free migrations, they will make transfers TO such realms to bolster the numbers, not transfers from and make the situation worse for those left behind.

10/09/2012 02:54 AMPosted by Arathil
What should I do?

Honestly, if you are not wanting to spend the money, just wait it out. This tends to happen every expansion, and things will settle down in a little while. However, posting on the General Discussion forum would help ensure to keep the Devs aware of the situation on the realm.

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