Anyone else regret their name?

Death Knight
I do.

I made this character at the start of WotLK, back when I was still naming my characters in a format similar to <class name>kip or <class theme>kip. I forget what I was originally going to name this character, but I remember it not being available (I think "Templar" isn't allowed in names at all for some reason). So I went with this stupid !@# name and I haven't even been unholy spec since Ulduar rolled out.

It's gotten so bad that I don't even like to play this character anymore in shame. I can't justify paying for a name change, so I might delete and start over, especially with all of the account-wide stuff now.

Anyone else regret their name choice when it comes to their DK? Or any class for what it's worth? Anyone gone as far as deleting and starting over just to escape it?
My original name was "Spruz" it was a 5-letter name so I took it. When I moved off of Illidan my name was taken so I typed in a few random 4-letter names that didn't look half bad and I got this.

None of my characters follow a basic theme, two years ago when I played at the beginning of Cata all of my characters were a play on "Aesseri," I quickly lost interest in this as it sort of ruined the name for me.
Made a hunter. named it "trainer" backwards. forgot an r, turning Reniart into Reniat. I liked it, and named my DK reniat. Now it's my main, and the rest is history.[/legend]

the only name i regret so far is my newly-turned-pandaren warrior, pandumpling, and I regret it only because the crap i've gotten from my guildies.
I named my Pandarian Monk Dankwank. I love the whispers with "lol" "lmao" "nice name"
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even though people tell me I should have used it for a hunter or rogue!!!
Hell no.
Mine is short and simple. I also now have two pandas. Torguide the monk and Tordeforce the rogue. Don't regret them either.
I'm glad my Frost Mage got the name "Carwash".

Guess my DK's name is alright too I suppose.
I'm glad my Frost Mage got the name "Carwash".

Guess my DK's name is alright too I suppose.

Too bad Pedestrianxing is too long.
Not at all. I originally made this character as a counterpoint to my main at the time (Paladin) whose name is Daos. Typically I name characters something more RP'ish, as in names I could see being given to a character in a story, but this one works well for me.
i love my name
I love my DK name honestly :P
My only regret is that I'm transferring to a friend's server soon and Road is taken =/
I still like the name, only mistake is my squidface got it rather then my dwarf war who has the name most ppl still know me by. If I could swap them for one fee I would, But otherwise still a solid name.
My name is Willferal. Of course I don't regret it.
I used to, but now I like it.

I originally just wanted to check out DKs real quick and didnt plan on putting much time into one. Then I started to enjoy it more and more, but didnt feel like rerolling a new one just for a name change. Its grown on me now.
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My name is Willferal. Of course I don't regret it.

No, my name is Willferal. ;P
Nope! ^_^

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