Anyone else regret their name?

Death Knight
This is actually one of my better finds. It may not look like much at first glance, but it definitely sinks in the longer you look at it.
Tried to be clever and name this guy after Chaka Khan. Spelled Khan wrong.
I've been Selsix since Vanilla. Hell no.
Nope, love my name. Wanted Ragnarok when Wrath rolled out, it was taken of course, changed the ag to ek and I love it.

I name everything with Scandinavian influence. My warrior is Helsten which is Swedish for hero.
Rather be called Warfield, but I guess my priest can keep that name and I'll stick with Hellmarch.
Nope, love it every day :]
I like mine.
Not at all.
No regrets.
It was either this or manlygnome but I'm fine with this.
A tyrant king from the pits of regrets here....XD
I love mine. Named her after my dog.
I love my name apparently others do too because when I first made him I was the only Nathreim now there 7. I'm such a trend setter.
Mine is Japanese and i like Japanese

..... so no
No , i like my name despite what some may think
10/10/2012 11:36 PMPosted by Flaw
No regrets.

Idk, I see a flaw in it
before i got a payed name change my toons name was "Urfaceisugly". you do not believe the amount of trolling i got saying urfaceisugly
Of course not.
My name is amazing.

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