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Wyrmrest Accord
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We are a light to heavy RP guild that welcomes a full spectrum of play styles. We're based around the vibe of a Museum and the explorers, researchers, and agents thereof. We are quite small and are looking to grow during MoP.

Those who wish to RP their characters as being involved in a wealthy organization privy to obscure knowledge will fit in well here. The Archives possesses many time-lost artifacts, rare weapons and armor, esoteric texts and luxurious garments.

We are well suited for Collectors of all types regardless of their desire to RP. We have a few members who don't RP much and mostly PvP. We are open to PvE if it forms. We love RP gear and transmog runs.

The founders are immersive/light RPers that often play IC or host little RP missions / guild quests with fun rewards. Other than that we are usually leveling alts, farming for whatever we need or want, or PvPing.

We welcome people who RP more than us to utilize our collection of items for their IC progression and storyline. Has your character actually read through the pages of Brazie's Black Book of Secrets? Have they polished a Shadowfang? Tasted foreign delicacies such as Cookie's Jumbo Gumbo?

Guild chat is IC and Officer chat is OOC, open to all ranks. We have vent and while the guild bank is dedicated to the Collection we have other guild banks full of stuff for members. We run with a no drama/no trolling/no ninja policy.

To apply check out azerotharchives.shivtr.com, the in-game guild finder, or pst one of us!
Guild Story: We roll loose, here is a summary of the current themes from my (Sef) perspective -

After keeping the collection safe during the Cataclysm the group continues on, searching for relics in Pandaria. With their ranks and operations expanding there are bright times ahead. An additional wing to be built, fresh insights from new sharp minds, and the benefits of newfound areas of exploration. The antiques of Azeroth and Draenor were kept well preserved during the trials of Deathwing and now we must continue our efforts as tensions between the Horde and the Alliance escalate.
Rank Info

Curator - GM
Benefactor - Co GM
Director - Group Leader
Docent - Guide / Small Group Leader
Agent - RP/ General (spies, mercenaries, traders, and more)
Explorer RP/PvE
Archivist - RP/Collecting
Night Watchman - RP/ PvP
Visitor - Visitor


The Curator manages the collection. The benefactors handle much of the acquisitions and additional storage.

Director is a group leader with the authority to set their own rules for whatever the group is for - RP, PvE, Rated Battlegrounds - generally 10+ man content or major RP. We currently have no one in this position and I am interested in hearing from anyone who would like a home for a small group or to casually pursue goals without the restraints of guild-wide loot/attendance/gearing/RP rules.

The other ranks are for flavor and general membership.

Visitor rank is for temporary membership on Viewing Days Eventually, there will be a gift shop (final tab will be this) for Visitors.


No members are ever expected to donate items or gold. The guild is a collection of many many items from Vanilla WoW to present. The guild will not be transferring. The guild will not be faction changing. It is a stable environment.

The rarest items are literally precious as crazy as it sounds. Certain items that were removed are "delicate", for example if you tried to move them from one tab to another they would become soulbound or simply vanish. If you faction changed they may change into another item or vanish. I know this from first hand experience. Rest assured, this guild is never moving from WrA Horde.

We like to do smaller RP sessions, class quests for guildies since we loved them back in the day, and adventures tailored to your IC/OOC goals (achievements, pets, etc.).

If you're a hardcore RPer you may RP harder than I do but you may still have a great place here in the guild if being part of such an organization and having first-hand contact ICly suites your own story/ character progression needs.

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