Fighting Dirty

Am I the only one who thinks that as warriors we should be fighting dirty? Headbutting, Biting, Genital shots, And Grabbing your opponent by the skull and slamming their faces into the dirt Where they belong!

Rogues should'nt be the only ones fighting dirty.
Warriors are honor bound combatants who revel in a challenge and fight with tactics but not with low and disgraceful blows. You just described how to fight like a rogue. Head butting, impaling, slamming them into the ground, and grappling are actions of strength. Biting, genital shot, and other low blows are disgraceful, dishonorable, and present no challenge to the warrior as they are easy to accomplish and reward little of a victory.
Hamstring, bloodbath, deep wounds, mortal strike, slam, execute.

I dunno man, I think all of these things are pretty hardcore.

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