Dread Waste questing

Where in the heck do i start the Dread Waste quests? I've searched high and low and have done every quest i know of that lead up to the Dread Wastes. The only quest i've done in DW is the quest where you are just on the other side of the hollow tree bridge, whatever it is. I haven't been able to find any since then.
Any help appreciated!
http://www.wowhead.com/quest=31000 Dread Space
http://www.wowhead.com/quest=31656 The Threat in the South

Either of these quests will lead you into Dread Wastes. Make sure you read the comments if you don't already have the Serpent's Spine Flight Path or Pandaria Flying.
I am having the same problem. Whyzlock, neither of the quests you suggest are available to me. The forums haven't updated my level, but I am a level 89. I just finished the Townlong Steppes quests available to me, and there are no further quests leading into the Dread Wastes. This is annoying.
You need to defeat the Sha of Hatred to get The Threat in the South.

You can also ride south on the Serpent Spine from the Shado Pan Fallback to the Gate of the Setting Sun. The questgiver those breadcrumb quests send you to is on the south side of the gate.
oh wow thank you. ive never brain farted on questing so hard before. i must have abandoned the Dread Space quest like an idiot because i wanted to start doing dailies asap. Thanks!

It was this quest that i abandoned.

Thanks Whyz.
I hope you can help me as well. The quest, Dread Space and The threat in the South are done. I have deleated all addon and new shows up. I found an addon called Quest Completist and worked great for me to locate quest not done and gave me a list of quest I had done. There were a few not compleated so I compleated them and still nothing. I have done the breadcrumbs to get there, Better off Dread, Dread Space, Falling Down, Nope, Psycho Mantid, Relics of the Swarm and The Klaxxi. But I can't get any more to open up for me. Any suggestion would be really helpful.
Perhaps using the addons Wholly and Grail will help you by showing you what quests you should have available to you and where the quest givers are.
Looks like it might help. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much Nimhfree it did help. I was able to locate the quest it had missed and was able to get the line started again.

You need to defeat the Sha of Hatred to get The Threat in the South.

I finished Dread Waste before Townlong so the small Sha quest boss wasn't dead. I may have never done that breadcrumb but obviously don't need it to get zone completion.

Was 90 when I started the zone though - that may have something to do with it. I saw some !'s over the wall when PvP gear shopping and thought I was in Townelong and started questing. I finished loremaster last night though!! Finally.
thank you brother....
After i defeated Sha Of Hatred i saw Taran Zhu and the others there, i went to level becasue i wasn't 89 yet, when i came back to that cave none of them were there, and now i have no idea where to start questing.

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