[A] Sparkling Wiggles [4/6 MSV] LF Tank+DPS

Sparkling Wiggles is a new Tichondrius guild with members that transfered after a break from Cataclysm. We have previous raiding experience in top rated guilds and are currently looking to fill our 10 man roster. We will be a hardcore raiding guild, and hope to fill our ranks with like-minded players.

We currently need:
1 or 2 DPS (preferably 1 Hunter, and either a dk or warrior)
Tank (will consider any class except Paladin for this role)

You must have a microphone and the ability to use Mumble. We raid Tue-Thu, 6-9 PST (server time). We raid on Monday nights optionally to push content.

If you are interested in joining, either post a reply, or whisper Placidd, Hipriest, or Fatheart in game.

Still looking for more, we would like to start raiding asap.
I'm somewhat interested in tanking if you need a tank for your 2nd group. At the moment the guild only has 5 members, so I'm sure there won't be a 2nd core for a while.
Sure, I'll message you in game and we can talk about it
Applying for warlock Main Tank Position.
thought this guild would be for Draenei females.

I am disappoint.
10/11/2012 01:32 PMPosted by Mizugami
Applying for warlock Main Tank Position.

denied, go back to gw2 scrub
Your guild name is disgusting.
That's the idea!
bump, op updated
thought this guild would be for Draenei females.

I am disappoint.
I have no idea why would expect that
that tail waggle!
469 iLvl Arms warrior here, interested!
bump for edit
Contact me or Placidd in game
Damn you and your stupid thursday raid night! I have a shaman LF action!

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