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Death Knight
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Hey guys,

I'll try to keep this short so that it's easy to digest:

I was messing around in VoFW earlier and I came across Nessingwary's quests in which you're told to go out and farm kodos/tigers. Well, I got pretty annoyed with it by the time I went to go kill the bucks and I noticed something interesting.

We all know how about blood being able to pull tons of mobs and tank them all down, but I realized that we can actually kite a huge pack of mobs fairly easily, slowly pulling in every single thing that we come across and bringing it into our big 'pot' of mobs that we are kiting.

So here's what you do:

Grab a mob

PS/IT Walk around with the mob and keep aggro with BB

DG another mob, aggro anything you can and BB to keep aggro on whole pack

VE + BT + DSiphon + DStrike will keep you alive

You can loot anything that dies along the way even while tanking mobs

Anywhere from 10-20k xp/kill triumphs Quest Xp and Travelling time.

One quest = 144k xp
One pull = ~100k xp

Currently sitting in the wild plains in VoFW:

Pulls net you greens, dense skulls, decent G. Turtle pond consists of 2 phases once you get it down correctly. Top portion, do it in one pull for a little under 100k XP - move on to the bottom portion by jumping down into the pond and dotting up the bottom-most turtle, BB to top of water and collect turtles on the side. 150k XP, maybe 200k depends on how many turtles you nab.

Whole Pond takes 5 mins, about 250k XP.

Moving on from the turtle pond, you can choose to go in 2 different directions (obviously). If you go out the back way, you head a little bit closer to Nessingwary and you can cover that whole Northern side. If you head South, you've got kodos galore, hidden wolves (I call them hidden 13k XP) that aggro onto you, and lots of bucks that move quickly all around you making it easy to pull into your pit of death.

You should be Deathstriking whenever it's up, and letting all of your mobs catch up to you every 10 or 15 seconds because if you don't hit them with BB they will evade bug - especially those damned kodos.

With my gear and wonky spec, I can handle nearly 30 mobs on me all at once. That's around 400k XP in one pull.

I can guarantee you that the absolute fastest way to level for a DK will be through blood with AOE grinding in mob-dense environments against creatures that do not have ranged attacks.

I was able to take my new tactic down into the krasang wilds (or whatever the hell they are called) and confront the casters down there inbetween the horde/alliance encampments. They will net you some good exp but it's gank-central and the mobs are a pain to deal with.

Overall - It's hands down the fastest way to level, and unless I'm mistaken it should work at lower levels too. Disease a mob and blood boil while slowly building up a larger and larger pack all around you.
Farming turtle pond also gives you access to rarespawns, just killed the rarespawn at turtle pond and he dropped two blues. Terecotta warrior trinket and some mail gloves.
The best place to farm motes/cloth is in Dread wastes using the Iron mantid buff. Can take 20+ at at a time without breaking a sweat.

bump for DKs who are leveling

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