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Hello Forums! My little Rabid Nut Varmint 5000 (who will get the name Nutter Butter after dinging 25) is not always getting his rez after dying once in a battle =( The rez is once per battle, correct? or is it once total until the final death before Revive Pet? I've noticed that it happens more when I've already had the rez to 20% in a previous pet battle, but I was under the assumption that the "cooldown" for the battle rez to 20% was reset when a new battle was started.

Because it's late, and I'm not sure if I'm explaining it right:
Battle 1
Turn 1-Mountain Skunk kills my Nut Varmint, Nut Varmint rezzes w/ 20% health
Turn 2-Nut Varmint kills Mountain Skunk, Nut Varmint receives XP and portion of health back

Battle 2 (next battle without using Revive Pet or a Stable Master)
Turn 1-Shore Crab kills Nut Varmint, Nut Varmint stays dead and does not rez

Is this the way it's supposed to be? Any help/feedback would be great, thanks!
The cooldown on that passive is supposed to reset once a battle has concluded.

There are currently moves in the game that prevent the passives of undead/mechanicals from activating when they should in a battle. You may have been hit by one of those moves having that (not working as intended) effect.
yeah I've had the same issue with my undead, just gotta give Blizz time to work out the bugs I guess : /
Yes, I had the same issue just today. My mechanical pet got one-shot in a PVP battle, and did not get back up. It was the first time my pet had attempted to revive itself in days, so I doubt it was a cooldown issue.

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