[A]Violet Hour Costume Contest- with prizes!

Wyrmrest Accord
The Violet Hour will be holding their second annual costume contest on October 30th, at 6pm server! Anyone who showed up to our last contest knows it was a huge success and the winner caused some controversy, but we have learned from this experience and are going in this with a fresh look in judging.

  • Registration fee is 1 gold and should be paid when you arrive to the event.
  • Registration begins at 6pm server on October 30th, and the winner will be announced at 7pm server on October 30th.
  • Winner will receive a prize of 1,000 gold!
  • First runner up will receive a prize of 500 gold!
  • Second runner up will receive a prize of 250 gold!
  • Rules and regulations:
  • Last year’s winners CANNOT win.
  • The Violet Hour members CAN participate, but those working the event CANNOT.
  • The event is IN-CHARACTER and only WoW related costumes will be accepted.
  • Class tier sets are NOT acceptable.
  • Potions and buffs that effect the costume are NOT acceptable.
  • Masks ARE acceptable.

  • Winner will be based off of originality and effort. Good luck, and may the most creative win!

    Edit: Forgot to add, The Violet Hour is located in Ironforge, at the building right in front of the flightpath.
    Ooo~ sounds like fun! I don't think I went to yalls last one...but me and the guildies will def. check this out! Good luck with the planning!
    This should be fun. Now to decide who to go on.
    Hooray! Two contests this year to enter! Thank you for hosting your event!
    Hope to see you all there! Hopefully it will be a blast! I know a lot of people have put RP on hold for leveling and gearing and such but I am doing my best to get the word out.
    Bump again >.>
    Bump thrice.
    No one wants to come to our contest? :(
    Your horns legitimately scare me.
    I knew it! I always get comments about my horns. (seriously)
    Bumping it yet again.
    BUMP IT!
    Bumped again
    I'm going to give this a friendly little bump.
    I plan on going, so I may as well bump.

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