Bunch of jerks at blizzard...

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Why wont you let me rename my Wisp Illidan?
Because he is copyrighted to Blizz :) and Illidan is not orange and shiny; like vampires do not sparkle :)
A lot of the names are not usable in game because they are part of the game, and again copyrighted to blizzard and other companies. You will pretty much find that you cannot not use any of the character or boss names to create a toon that is already in game.
Pretty sure you're not thinking about what I was talking about.


PS wisps are Night Elf spirits, and Illidan is dead now. Get it?
Why wont you let me Rename my Wisp Illidan?

Because Illidan's not dead. He was stabbed by Frostmourne and lived; the only other one who managed that was Mal'Ganis, and he was alive and crotchety up in Icecrown. You really think Maiev's more powerful than Frostmourne? Hah. Illidan's sitting in the Twisting Nether somewhere chuckling darkly...or at least, that's my firm belief, and nothing will sway it.
ps i know night elves are wisps but as Rxyl said he isn't dead, and on top of that he was a bad bad night elf... black and green, lol sorry i couldn't help it you made it sound so girly lol

but it also to do with copyright to :)

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