Battle Helm of the Thunder King

also looking for some help here Lifedealer#1720
Looking for help to please add MogleChocobo#1614
it's bugged for me as well
Hey if anyone wants to do this together just add me Odiz#1727 (I'm on Tich)
Bugged for me as well, dropped and tried again still no luck. Don't really feel like using some stupid work around that may or may not work, but I would love if the game was working correctly. Fix yo' !@#$ blizz.
Not working on greymane (well at least for me) real id please add me. would love a hand getting this done.
am still bugged also.. on caelestrasz, alliance Tani#1371 going to try dropping the quest and picking it up.. but assistance appreciated
Also looking for someone who would be kind enough to help on a working server. Alliance Herc#1302.

Thank you in advance.

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