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On the right side of the screen is the "Objectives" list for questing. How would one go about getting rid of it entirely? I'm not seeing an option in Blizzard's interface menu. Any help is appreciated.

Ah, moveanything?

Never tried to use it for that. SexyMap used to have an option to move the quest tracker around, but I don't know if you want to load a map addon just for that.

I've actually got Sexy Map!! I'm not seeing that option anywhere though. I'll try your addon. Thanks
hmm i've used Move-anything and it has the option, but it's not actually hiding it like it's supposed to . any other suggestions?
If you have sexymap you should be able to move the Objectives window, I'm sorry I haven't used it in a long time, and you could just move it to the bottom of your screen so it doesn't show at all.
I looked at HideBlizzard but it doesn't appear to hide that particular window, so that may or may not be an option.

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