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One thing to keep in mind is that recently, GC has been backtracking lately about keeping all specs viable for Arena usage, specifically tanking specs. While he hasn't said so directly, he expressed concerns of having to balance so many classes with the addition of tank specs, with the addition of keeping said tank classes specs without gutting them in PvE.
It seems to me that prot pally pvp was bad !@# up to lvl 70 then goes downhill from there
Love that !@#$%^ Kirogenic, human pally. Yeah your a bad -*! with 2 damage trinkets. Play a Blood Elf & see how it works. Been a prot pally since 07.

Prot's have been gutted in PvP it started with the vengence crap, blizz added that crap bcoz they didnt want to spend time trying to balance the tanking classes. Hell they even removed Exo from prot's.

I've dealt will all the changes to prot pallys and we're now in the worst shape ever.
I do feel protection paladins are pretty weak damage wise right now BUT we have a LOT of survivability even without bubble. get a 5 stacked SOTR eternal flame hit, at 89 it heals me for well over 100k, then ticks me for 11+k every 2 seconds for 30 seconds? Thats pretty intense, if you add in guardian (50% reduced damage), ardent defender (20% reduced damage and will heal you for 15% of max hp if you are to die with it up), divine protection (40% reduced magical / 20% magicial 20% physical damage when glyphed).. and thats just damage reducers and a heal, not including all the mobility we have or all the other heals / team support we have. We can make one hell of a flag defender in an rbg like gilnaes, arathi basin and pretty good FC's when we're needed to be one.. In my eyes protection paladin's aren't meant to do a damage role in PvP but more of a supportive role (if you play League of Legends think of playing with a support champion.. helps you kill and helps you stay alive).. a unmoveable fortress of support. sure they can kill someone IF needed but they are way better at supporting a.. lets say rogue kill a healer and a few dps with just the two of them. Currently in MoP i'm only 89 and level 90's even have trouble against me, with 0% resil and 43k armor in DPS plate. I can't wait until i have full 90 pvp gear!

in short form: paladins i feel are meant to support and help kill, instead of being massive damage output(tank wise) like a blood dk that can solo kills.

edit: misspelled something
Prot is good for only TWO things in pvp (and soon to be only ONE thing in 5.3) Good at flag carry, tho a warrior or dk is better. Good at fighting undergeared/underskilled scrubs. You will die a horrific death against any geared/skilled dps.

5.3 with FC's taking 50% damage (up from 20%) tanks in general will be garbage for FC and classes like Warlock will shine for that leaving prot pally at only ONE thing they do well, pwning undergeared players.

In the last month of competitive pvp (arena/rbg) I've seen maybe 3-4 prot pallies.
I've been trying prot in PvP and find it very entertaining...... Like a fresh breeze.... I'm having fun in BGs again.
Prot pally pvp is completely viable in VERY SELECT situations, most RBG teams run a single tank in every bg anyways and if you don't have a prot warrior or blood dk then a prot pally is better than nothing.

That's all going to change in 5.3 however, the fall of pvp tanks is almost here.

Picking up the Alliance or Horde flag while in a Rated Battleground now increases damage taken by 50% for characters in a tanking specialization, and increases damage taken by 20% for characters in a non-tanking specialization.
Unless you're going for rating, you can play whatever you want...
Cry babies and people who whine. You people are truly what wreck WoW. Cry and moan all day long on forums, this isn't fair whaa....I can't 1 shot class this, my class that. Let me break it down for you, the paladin spec is fine. It's you people that are rubbish. Protection paladin is just that, protect the nodes tank players and be an over all pain in the !@#....warlocks and hunters and mages kill. Healers heal...see a pattern here? I play a prot paladin and we win games because I do what it's meant to do. I also have a disc priest and a frost Mage. Protect is not meant to dps you morons, it unbalances the game. Get with the bloody program. Stop screwing up wow with your pissing and moaning and use your freaking brains. All you people are the reason teams fail in pvp. Learn to play.
I completely agree with Xariel. I have PvP'd with just about every class available, and the prot pally is the one that brought me back into the fold, so to say.
Play it right and it's hella fun. I don't worry about how much burst I have. What I WILL do, is drop in and harass the heck out of the enemy in places that keep them away from objectives. Burst DPS is low, but overall damage is high.
Support means just Tactics, misdirection, and playing on human nature works wonders.

Stack enough enemy on me, and my teammates can capture half the map while you try to kill me. Makes me chuckle every time.

And before the comments stream in, no, this is not my PvP toon.

Have fun!
necro plz

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